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A female adept or Bhairavi, the consort of an advanced male practitioner, functions like the fire pit, hawan kund, or dhuni does for the less advanced male practitioner. A Bhairavi does one thing; she burns everything & everyone around her, because she acts as an accumulator for the fire element and is the embodiment of its spiritual aspect, being the Goddess of Tejas. A fire of any kind can only burn if it has fuel, and the fuel for a Bhairavi is the impurities of the world that she begins to transmute to fuel her own self-combustion. Without burning and transmuting fuel, there is no fire, & because Bhairavi is fire itself in all forms, without fuel there can be no Bhairavi. In that sense, the more impurity & ignorance there is in the world the more brightly her flames flicker & the hotter they become. Human beings are filled with false ideas & limitations about reality due to being enmeshed in duality. In burning away the impurity created by these false ideas, she is terrifying to those who define themselves by them. This is why she is sometimes described as she who removes all fear, but also "The Terror (or destroyer) of the Three Worlds”. In this we can see that like everything below the abyss of duality, she is dual in nature herself. To the weak, she is terrifying, but to the strong, her embrace removes all fear; anyone who willingly lets go of their impurities finds that their flow of impulse & lifeforce is sacred, and they can then begin using it towards shaping themselves in accordance with truth.

Bhairavi is the cosmic embodiment of nature’s law which is to transmute all things into strength over time with the embrace of destruction without duality. As “the fierce one”, she emphasizes that the purpose of weak things is to be consumed by stronger things; the devouring union of the weak into the strong is actually what comes together to sustain beauty, while the sexual union of the strong with the strong is what creates it. The Goddess’s love for beauty & truth is then present in the destructive union of consumption, as well as the creative union of copulation. To the human mind they are wildly and disturbingly different, but to the cosmic mind, both are done in “love” and contribute to creating what we perceive as beauty: strength, symmetry, and balance. In this way, nature is ultimately divine harmony; all things are assimilated into the replication and elevation of strength, made possible by her destruction. Her divine love for power and beauty is why she makes these qualities the keys to her gateway— the Yoni Lips— awakening the flow that pours from them, while distortions of those traits as deterrents against it.

Relating to Yama, the God of death who presides over Bharani, Bhairavi is a Venusian force and is the aspect of the ultimate Goddess that is a ruthless dictator for these ideas. Every single event and thought happens within the bounds of the Goddesses’s matrix as our senses and impulse are sculpted by her preferences; trying to escape her laws is just an attempt to escape from the breath of life itself. This is why the closest the human mind can get to nature’s divine vibration is through sensuality— through sex or the arts— where the senses (which are inseparable from nature’s truths as they are created in accordance with them) become louder than the rational mind and so non-dual union outweighs the analyzing mind’s tendency towards frantic division. This relates to Venus’ exaltation in Pisces, the rashi of liberation. All words the rational mind strings together against this Universal truth and the objective beauty correlating to that truth, are as temporary and insubstantial as the puff of air expelled while the word is spoken.

In this way, all Venus nakshatras relate to love/union, as the significator of the 7th house. Bhairavi is a "love goddess” reflecting Venus’ corrosive side (like Bharani nakshatra), just as much as her creative counterparts, Kamala (relating to Purva Ashada) and Tripura Sundari (relating to Purva Phalguni). Purva Ashada is expansive enjoyment of the senses in which one desires to give all people heightened sensual experiences & entertainment through the arts. Purva Phalguni has no impulse to give to all people, instead wanting to pour all sensual bliss into the romantic partnership exclusively. Bharani is the most reductive force of Venus that— upon spotting the best things— has the impulse primarily to wish to deprive the unworthy of them.

Bhairavi is the "chemical love”, revolving around the bliss that comes from dominance and submission, and the energy that is released in that exchange— the “consumption” form of love described earlier, which is essentially the unrequited love of the weak for the strong. We can see this present in female sexuality wherein if a woman is not subjugated and satisfied by a dominant partner, she unconsciously begins to dominate her male partner out of a kind of compulsion. Bhairavi embodies the predatory consumption aspect of female sexuality growing more and more prevalent in modern society through means such as Twitch girls, Onlyfans, etc. in which she encounters men who are less experienced or who are weak and begins to use them to fuel her sacred “fire". By performing a kind of sexual Samadhi on the weaker male through generating feelings of unrequited love within him, she causes the loss of his individuality and begins absorbing his identity into her body while retaining her own. A male adept must prove himself in a genuine encounter with a woman who could potentially absorb him within her completely should he willingly surrender out of weakness. A Bhairavi is animated by Venus’ fierce qualities (as Venus is the significator of all females) upon encountering weakness— to utilize her Yoni to trap and ensnare those who desire to be submissive to her and to her body, and converts this wasted & unused fuel into energy that is directed towards a spiritual purpose. She's not so much a dominatrix as she is a pragmatist, through utilizing the vast amount of energy present in a way that allows her to elevate herself to a better spiritual state through offering her body to be used by the Goddess, and achieve her ends on earth— even though she is demonized for it, as all destructive aspects of the feminine are.

This again ties back to a recent article in which I describe that all women are always fulfilling their sacred purpose because it is done even unconsciously. It is always in every case those who are weak who come to fall under the powers of the Yoni, which is why individuals who are close to death are absorbed into a new yoni and born again. In this way, we can see that Bhairavi is a portal either to your next life, or that allows you to be reborn in your present life— through allowing her to burn away any traces of weakness within you. Strong individuals can immerse themselves within the force of the Yoni and thus render themselves immortal through it burning away the temporal and Lunar aspect of their personality, leaving only the eternal and Solar aspect. This reabsorption of weak men (the negative side of the male, Civilization principle which is enabling to weakness through ease and false protection) into the feminine (the harsh and severe nature principle) occurs at the end of every world, which is why Bhairavi is known as the Goddess who causes the Maha Pralaya— or destruction of the world through fire. This fire is actually a sexual fire and is Bhairavi herself. 🔥

Read many more contemplations on the mysterious sacred feminine role in my female path course.

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