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Roman wall painting of Perseus and Andromeda from Boscotrecase, late 1st century BC

As I’ve explored frequently before, the sacred role of the feminine involves the pulling in of projections— embracing her yin, vacuum-like power & its cleansing function. Having a cosmic receptive purpose, women naturally inspire strong projection from others. Inherently, this makes her harder to accurately and clearly perceive. Immediately upon trying to “see her”, perceivers feel the outward rush of their own projections being forcefully drawn out of the dark recesses of their minds. It then clouds, to a greater or lesser extent depending on their own shadow, their objective judgment of her. Men typically have to troll wildly or behave terribly/oddly to attract even a portion of the reactionary negativity women tend to stimulate even when “behaving” at their best. Often times, the more authentically, beautifully, and truthfully a woman lives, the more she will see negativity rising around her. As certain myths elucidate, inherently vampiric or “demonic” beings love men unconditionally, and hate women unconditionally (due to one being anabolic/ projecting, and one being catabolic/receptive on an energetic level— the same opposing nature that makes the latter pull on constant mental projection). Therefore, the emptiest and most unfulfilled of people (men or women) hold men in upmost esteem and fixate their hatred on women, constantly changing their standards so that she never fulfills it. The most abundant, fulfilled, and creative of people (men or women) feel natural love and respect for women, and can see them for what they truly are. Most men know nothing of the havoc women experience when they display even an ounce of their potential, in any realm of life. I hear from countless women through my course who have been suppressed into inactivity, hiding or dampening so much of their potential (intelligence, beauty, or creativity) from fear of both men and women, both equally and in different ways. Ancient texts, knowing this tendency in lowly humans, warn countless times of the spiritual dangers of unfairly disrespecting, harming, or blaming women, knowing women become scapegoat-magnets for the fixation and obsession of the very worst of people. (How impudent are those that slander blameless women! They are like the thieves actually found stealing and yet crying, “Thief, stop!”- Brihat Samhita) It is difficult for anyone to align truly with their path, and step into it fully & authentically. However, this already challenging process requires even more bravery and fearlessness for women than it does for men due to those “demonic” & hungry beings wishing on her downfall, at the root only because she’s a woman.

There is a very real danger on the female path in this regard. One place this danger is highlighted is in the media metaphorical (or, sometimes, disturbingly literal) "sacrifice of the starlet”, the victims who-- as I’ve explored before-- especially have Shravana (who wishes “may I not have a bad reputation”) or Dhanishta (“the most famous”) nakshatra, a pair associated traditionally with fame. The 10th house, the natural house of Capricorn where both of these nakshatras can be found (fully or partially), is associated with our public life. This house is the brightest, highest, and most visible in the chart. As a person grows in alignment with their path or power, naturally the 10th house expands in life, as it rules our acclaim, awards, and recognition from the collective for our skills and effort. However, it carries with it the secrets of this double-edged sword of this house's activation. As the 10th house grows, the starlet no longer only belongs to herself & those close to her, but more & more widely becomes a symbol in the mind of others in waking life and dreams. Her perceivers, being even more distant from her and unable to have any limitations on their delusions and projections, will build illusion on top of illusion regarding her. They use the fame/distance from these women— knowing they won’t be corrected or adjusted for their misperceptions of her— to construct fantastical narratives that give them justified “reasons” for all of their uncontrolled, impure emotions. With Capricorn as one’s Moon (opposite the natural private 4th house of Cancer), one can especially become overly identified with these projections, as this represents the mind being enmeshed in the public. If enough projections are cast onto a spiritually-unprotected person, they can come into danger of losing touch with themselves-- of being squeezed into identities others create for them, with their true essence becoming smaller & smaller. Eventually, the starlet is often “sacrificed” because she loses herself completely amidst the unnatural amount of projection onto her energy-body. The masses make her a totem of all of their disgusting traits— their jealousy, obsession, anger, misplaced worship, etc.— and then watch her “fall”, like the animal sacrifices thrown from a “high place” such as a cliff across certain ancient traditions. Such animals are purifiers, being ritualistically identified with the sins of the worshippers and dying to absolve them of these sins. In the case of celebrity “sacrifices” from the feral collective, or even things like witch trials, they believe (wrongly) that they will be released from their impure emotions, and freed of their uncontrolled fixation, from scapegoating & destroying a woman that obsesses them in this way. Many think that elites purposefully construct these types of mass-rituals and force them upon the masses, but the impulse comes inherently from within the impurity of the collective, and is essentially demanded by them. They will keep attempting to find a sacrificial victim, to drag her through the stages of pure virginity, to “demonic” sexuality, and so on in an effort to escape punishment for their own sins and avoiding taking responsibility for their own minds.

How then do women reconcile this very difficult aspect of their purifying spiritual role (which I’ve explored countless times before), with protecting themselves from the “evil eye”, these dangerous projections pushing in on her? Her outer softness, which attracts negativity, must be supplemented by inner firmness. As these projections increase and chaos is churned around her, her spiritual form must become sturdier and harder. Essentially, she can only truly take on her outer sacred role while developing immense correlating inner strength through spiritual practice. Her knowledge-of-self must always be increasing and solidifying, rather than being lost into the noise of those strangers eager to tell her (and others) exactly what “they know” she is. Her energy body must be indestructibly hard like a diamond, sculpted symmetrically in accordance with geometrical truth, and unshaped by the distorted & ugly projections pressing upon her. This firmness makes her a purely reflective surface; she doesn’t yield or conform to projection, but denies it firmly in all parts of her being. The best protection from the evil eye is unshakability, remaining centered and walking step-by-step on one’s own path, despite the fact that other people seem to do anything but “stay in their own lane”. Her steady center is not just a defensive measure, however, but an offensive one. Becoming a firm, reflective surface, she naturally reflects the evil eye back on those who perceive her. Unwilling to be open to their curse-like projections on any level, rejecting any role as scapegoat or sacrifice, the female adept traps the unworthy & ignorant in the deafening echo-chamber of their negativity, and in the poison-chamber of their impurity.

Remember that the danger of these ignorant & weak people is not as spiritually-dire as the danger of hiding from and avoiding your true purpose, never finding & tending to your sacred path, and never experiencing the beauty and vibrancy of your potential come fully alive and manifest. Those who are dissatisfied, menacing, and empty only act in such a way because they themselves were consumed by the fear or weakness that keeps them suppressed and stifled.

Never be afraid of them; the only thing to truly fear is becoming them. 🧿

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JoAnne Ortiz
JoAnne Ortiz
5 days ago

Thank you for this. I relate as a Shravana ☀️


Dhanishta ☀️ Capricorn 🌙. Life’s hard.

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