Jyotish Basics: A Memorization & Reference Study Guide

A 10-page printable study guide to assist with memorization of the attributions of the 27 nakshatras and 12 bhavas-- all in one easy place. Memorizing the attributions builds a strong and stable foundation to begin understanding the nature of and connections between the nakshatras and observing them in the world around you. Only after having a solid understanding of the basics to draw from can we begin to add our experiential observations and gnosis to our overall understanding, becoming a far more functional and effective astrologer. The tables included in this printable study guide are also perfect for quick reference, removing the need to flip through a book or multiple books, and instead finding all the information in one quick and easy place. 

This study guide includes:
The classification of the 12 Houses by the 4 Aims of Life (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha)
The classification of the 12 Houses by Kama, Trikona, Dussthana, Upachaya, and Maraka
The rulers of the 12 Rashis and Vimshottari Lords of the 27 Nakshatras, as well as the sidereal Nakshatra degrees
Easy-to-Reference Tables including the following information about each nakshatra: activity, caste, c/m/d, direction, gender, nadi, nature, guna, yoni, species, and tattwa
A table laying out the deities and symbols of each nakshatra
A table laying out the exaltation point, mulatrikona point, debilitation point, and own sign(s) of each planet.
A table displaying the sexual compatibility rating between each yoni (sexual animal) type, calculated based on one's moon nakshatra.

You can watch this video for information on how this study guide can help you to learn the nakshatras!


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