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A 21-Page ebook version (for easy reference & study) of my 2024 video on Vishaka Nakshatra, "The astrology of becoming seductive, makeovers, and awakening the shadow self ⚡", which explores Vishaka in depth as well as the nature of Jupiter-dominant individuals. The makeover trope, although rooted in Vishaka, extends into trine nakshatras Punarvasu & Purva Bhadrapada as well, and many examples of the latter two are included in the document. This is the nakshatra exploring such mysteries as the encountering & assimilating of the shadow, the taking on and merging into powerful alter egos, and producing the unmatched lightening bolt power— the supreme fire— that builds only through the clashing of opposites inside and outside of the self. On this dive into Vishaka’s mysteries, channeled over the centuries through its natives in their life and art, I go through the complete arc this nakshatra takes— through its alchemical split— its descent into division— and then its reconciliation, first bouncing between dangerous extremes and then establishing profound and potent balance.


The ebook version includes helpful imagery on almost every page, illustrating the shocking patterns I am describing. This video-document includes a massive amount of new research on this nakshatra, interweaving ancient associations with modern archetypes. Some topics explored are: Vishaka's traditional associations, cosmic position, sexual nature, the lives and works of over 100 Vishaka natives, huge listing of Vishaka-related literature and films, Goddess insights & connections, and much more.


You can also access this ebook (plus other benefits) through joining the Abhijit tier on my Patreon. 

INTEGRATING THE SHADOW: Vishaka Nakshatra's Unmatched Power ⚡

  • This EBOOK is COPYRIGHT © 2024 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic (sharing, forwarding, etc.), mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

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