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The most comprehensive & extensive study of astrology's impact on appearance, ever conducted & published.

If you are interested in helping the Cosmetique Astro research get republished in a new and improved format, please donate or join my Patreon below. I have received many requests to get the Cosmetique website back up but unfortunately cannot do so without significant unpaid time and effort, and so if you utilized the free Jyotish resource, please consider donating. It is very much appreciated!

UPDATE: I have been publishing appearance research in blog format, to prepare for the full website which will include these blog pages in addition to more information. Thanks for your continued support! View my latest astrological posts below:

Submit Your Photo

I love to integrate your subscriber photos in research, content for the website, and/or on my Youtube channel to further understand how nakshatras manifest in the physical world. Both myself and the astrological community are benefitted when you contribute your chart and photo for research!

If you would like to submit your photo/astrological placements to my public database for astrological affect on appearance, please send an email to

In the email, include: 

  • Your birth date (please write out the month for clarity, such as "September") 

  • Your birth time (please verify AM or PM or use 24 hour clock. For example, do not just say: 1:34. Either say 1:34am OR 1:34pm or 13:34. Please also note if you do not have a trusted source for your birth time, such as birth documents or strong parent memory.) 

  • Your birth location (city & country)

  • Your gender

  • A facial photograph (it is best if you are facing forward,  and no extreme filters that change the features. Coloring filters and makeup are fine. Please do not wear sunglasses in the photo.

  • Let me know if I have permission to use your photo and select planetary placements in my public content (videos or website) to show appearance patterns. Your surname, full chart, and birth details will be kept private. If I can share your photo and select placements, please let me know what you'd like me to call you in the public content (first name, initial, or kept anonymous-- for example, James or J, etc.)

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