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The "Bond Girl" Nakshatra 🔫

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Do you have the “Bond girl” astrological placement? Women with this one astrological placement defined & dominated the roles of the sporty, sophisticated, and gorgeous “Bond girl” over the decades. (“A Bond girl is a character who is a love interest, female companion or [occasionally] an adversary of James Bond in a novel, film, or video game.”) This “Bond girl" energy placement is the core portion of Capricorn (10° – 23° 20′), Shravana Nakshatra. Graphing the combined Sun, Moon, and Rising signs of every Bond girl, Shravana is the towering nakshatra. Not only is Shravana the most frequent energy cast for these women, but this nakshatra also takes many key titles associated with the role. The very first on-screen Bond girl was Linda Christian (Shravana ASC) as Valerie Mathis. Following this was Shravana Moon Eunice Gayson, with her character Sylvia Trench as the only Bond girl prior to the 2006 series reboot to be in more than one Bond film. She starred in both Dr. No (alongside the third Bond girl, Shravana Moon Ursula Andress) and From Russia With Love (alongside the fourth Bond girl, Shravana Sun Daniela Bianchi). Ursula Andress’ "Honey Ryder” role is largely considered the quintessential or most iconic Bond girl of all time.

Shravana Nakshatra Bond girl Actresses

Shravana Nakshatra Actresses James Bond Graph

Breaking another record in the franchise, Shravana Moon Maud Adams was the only woman to play two different bond girls & to even have a film named after her character, Octopussy. Their early roles in James Bond films skyrocketed the careers of three Shravana actresses: Kim Basinger (Shravana ASC), Teri Hatcher (Shravana Moon), and Rosamund Pike (Shravana Sun). Some other Shravana “Bond girls” include Serena Scott Thomas, Tsai Chin, Lynn Holly Johnson, Lana Wood, Gemma Arterton, Aliza Gur, Maryse Guy Mitsouko, and Lois Chiles, as well as Shravana Moon Naomie Harris as “Moneypenny” in the three latest Bond films. You can view visuals of these further examples in my new YouTube video-short on this topic. @Marpsun on instagram also pointed out after I posted this that Billie Eilish (Shravana Moon) made the theme song for a recent Bond movie.

James Bond (007) is an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6. I’ve explored in the past how Shravana nakshatra is highly related to secret government information, often shown as being “tools” for government purposes, or victims of MK Ultra or other experimentation (topics like UFOs and remote viewing tied to the CIA), in my video “Most Mystical & Magical Nakshatras P2”. Bond girls are adjacent to a figure personifying the intelligence agency, and in this way are shown in various films as the love interest of men in such positions. Twin Peaks famously stars Shravana Sun & Moon Sherilyn Fenn as the high schooler who wants to get romantically involved with FBI agent Dale Cooper, desiring to help him solve his case along the way.

Shravana Nakshatra Actress Film Roles

As I explored in the Mystical & Magical Series, Moon strongly relates to occultism and the supernatural. I outlined how Hasta women (a trine Moon-ruled nakshatra), for example, becomes the archetype of the woman channeling her “inner Sun”, who contacts male spiritual adepts on the astral plane. In this way, the Bond Girl is a more material manifestation of this concept; Moon-ruled nakshatra women covet men with secret or hidden knowledge/intelligence, in the various ways I’ve explored such as in spirituality, through involvement in cults, or involvement with intelligence agencies.

Additionally, “Bond girls” essentially function as an accessory to Bond’s story, especially to show his desirability. Whether they are his beautiful associate, enemy, or something else, the “bond girls” are united by their sexual interest in 007. In this way, they function to bolster & affirm his “manliness”, charm, and strength. This is also a quality to the feminine, reflective planet Moon, which I’ve explored previously in my video “Sun Dominant Men”.

For more information on the sacred feminine role (and its connection to beauty & sensuality)-- in both its celebrated and demonized necessary expressions-- you can check out my female spiritual path course. Thanks for reading!

Shravana Moon Ursula Andress, the franchise's most iconic Bond girl


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