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20-Page written transcript for easy reference & study, of my video "Ashlesha Nakshatra in the Modern World: Intro to Tantra". This video/document includes a massive amount of new research on this nakshatra, interweaving ancient associations with modern archetypes. Some topics explored are: Ashlesha's traditional associations, cosmic position, stage relating to initiation that one can pass or fail, sexual and romantic nature, the lives and works of dozens of Ashlesha natives, listing of Ashlesha-related films (created by and/or starring Ashlesha natives, and channeling associated themes), Ashlesha appearance traits, in depth Goddess insights & connections, an intro to Tantric practice on a practical level, and much more.


This document is included on my Patreon for Jyestha members+

INTRO TO TANTRA: Ashlesha Nakshatra in the Modern World (20 Pages)

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