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One common thing I hear from men is something like this: “She talks about all women as if they are Goddesses, but doesn’t talk about all men as if they are divine.”; “She doesn’t recognize our divine masculine.” And so on, and so I thought I would address that today because it is rooted in the extreme differentiation between the center of female versus male spiritual power, and that, in fact, women are quite inevitably performing their sacred function while very few men are doing the same. Throughout time, women have not needed to be strongly experienced, controlled, or powerful in order to engage in Tantric and spiritual practices. In fact, quite the opposite— they needed to be less inhibited and less “controlled” than average. This can be considered in that in the past, a male ascetic in the Mahabarata festival was sexually coupled with a female prostitute on the spot consecrated for sacrifice; these total opposites actually resonant at the two extremes of the sacred masculine and feminine. The masculine is a rare beacon of Solar truth, mastery over his body and circumstances, and inner distance from the thralls of illusion. His sacred counterpart is then the female in the ritual as the prostitute, the woman fully tethered to her natural function, her yoni open like the mouth of the Earth mother ready to pull every drop of her pursuer’s energy into Maya. She embodies Illusion at its strongest pinnacle, and he penetrates through illusion and masters it. She doesn’t have to strive, carve herself to this level, impress him with knowledge, or anything of that kind. The Goddess works through all women because she is Shakti शक्ति, pure dynamic power. Women are forces of Earth & Water itself, the lands and oceans, and so embodying their Earthly nature is quite simply a sacred act: “Woman is the creator of the universe, the Universe is her form; woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body. In woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world.” (Shaktisangama Tantra)

As watery beings, women flow together, increase juiciness and inspire juices to flow around them, and are bisexually-natured to simply awaken sexually for the strong, the beautiful, the lovely things of the world. Being represented by Venus, they are the force of reality that is the gateway to enjoyment, tantra, and sensuality, and so they are at their pinnacle when tangibly involved in and embracing their function as embodiments of Maya, doing the things most dualistic spiritual practitioners would consider mundane or shallow through his deeply rooted demonization of actual, true feminine power. Women are the horizontal axis, animated by nature to be the weight of Maya that strengthens a man as he lifts her upwards to the heavens, or consumes a weak man back into the soil. They are the matrix of Mahamaya, “the Greatest Delusion”. Even in total stillness they inspire action and movement and discharge in those around them (which are why they are advertiser’s favorite visual subject). The egirl with cat ears who “plays the games you like” is embodying her sacred function of being the specific type that awakens your passion and causes you to face its stirring. The "tradcutie" who says a “women’s place is in the home” and reflects your political views is embodying her sacred function of perfection of a particular illusion as well. She stirs your obsession, your fixation, your discharges, your passion. Women are mirrors and vessels so even against their will, any identity they partake of becomes a different avenue to attract different types of discharge. There is no woman in a realm “too low” to be sacred, as women (as the Anima) are figures of the unconscious, they whisper to your animal nature, and therefore the darker and deeper you venture into the areas you deny yourself, the more likely you’ll find the type of demonized and stifled feminine expressions that powerfully transform you. A sexualized woman is the opposing sacred counterpart to a bearded spiritual man (Animus) because he represents the outer rational transformation you crave and the state you aspire towards, but she is the image itself that causes transformation instantly, wordlessly, molecularly. His figure is that of mercy and tolerance that soothes you, while hers is the sheer severity that immediately begins to dissolve your ego and cause havoc internally that strengthens you as you face it. This is why there are Goddesses “everywhere” because by nature they are embodiments of Earth; they awaken your lifeforce and stir it to do something, whether that be at your own demise or whether it be your savior. Embodying illusion, they are the music that awakens the inner Snake of a man, and most men are simply consumed by this waking, or agitated at the Snake’s stirring. But only the impure man who despises the behavior of his inner snake would hate the melody that causes it to wake, and the cultivated man values and loves women and their “music”, the louder and more shamelessly she plays it. It awakens the parts of himself that are his own power and Shakti. The cultivated man, opposite to women, inspires in striving, in truth, in penetrating through Maya/illusion. He inspires in cultivation, in direction, in control. Men begin enmeshed in illusion and horizontal, fluctuating and changeable like the Moon, indirect, nothing to be admired: but have to rise to become Solar beacons of truth. They earn their divine nature through this specific striving and control that has been outlined since ancient times, otherwise it is trampled out of them, much like how the majority of them have been closed out of the breeding game throughout time, unable to make an influence or leave an impression. They gain the strength to impress upon the Lunar sheath around them, otherwise they are a victim of it. Women are effortlessly the source of sacred inspiration, undirected but powerful, reacting to the strongest impressions, instinctually rewarding virility and scorning weakness, becoming gatekeepers to heaven or hell. Men though become sacred with right, brave, bold and true action, and cultivated sight that penetrates through all illusion. He becomes Solar and radiant, his own source of gravity, learning to hold Shakti and stabilize it, gain the respect of women around him and notice they become “in control”, which reflects his mastery over his own Kundalini (while women are the Kundalini itself embodied). There is no need to “empower” masculinity, because if they needed me to empower them, that would show a level of femininity that is seeking to absorb and receive energy. That shows an area that is void of masculinity. Masculinity, when cultivated, just is: it does not need praise, affirmation, or confirmation. It exists in spite of you attacking it as hard as you can. It is defined by being able to sustain itself even when faced with the hardest opposition, not as men on the internet whining that someone isn’t calling them a divine masculine and respecting them for no reason, or saying men and women are equal. They’re equal in dignity spiritually, but a woman cannot be equal in power sexually and in engaging to the man she is with; he must control her & make her dance or she will absorb him. You’re only as masculine as you are independent. This is why the Moon rules dependency but the Sun rules independence. The feminine is at her height in deep consuming passivity, sparkling illusion, shameless enjoyment, like a low yin valley or fathomless ocean, and the masculine is at his height only after becoming an unquestionable cultivated mountain peak merging with the sky. ⛰️

"Goethe's 'you must be hammer or anvil' is absolutely appropriate to the relation between man and woman. Didn't Lady Venus in your dream prove that to you? Woman's power lies in man's passion, and she knows how to use it, if man doesn't understand himself. He has only one choice: to be the tyrant over or the slave of woman. As soon as he gives in, his neck is under the yoke, and the lash will soon fall upon him.” -Venus in Furs

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