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The Woman Holds the Magical Wand

Venus is exalted in the nakshatra that is the height of Mercury, Revati, which relates to a woman’s ultimate function being creativity (through utilizing the male phallic force). This secret is shown in Ucchista Ganesha and Nila Saraswati (pictured), where she holds his erect penis in her hand— like a magic pen or wand— where she can create whatever she wants with it. Alternatively, he places his trunk on her yoni, showing that he makes the rules and restrictions (as the yoni does), which she obeys because she knows he is virile, and that he generously gives her all of his energy. When the two sexes have not united in devoted practice together, things are unbalanced, as each person is stuck functioning in the limited, beginning stage of believing they control their sexual organ. Normally, men have the phallic force and shoot energy out uncontrollably and undefined, while women are the yoni’s, constantly restricting themselves and others emotionally and sexually. (I talk about this in more detail in the video on my channel “My Boyfriend Watches Porn?” And “The Breeding Wife & The Sacred Prostitute”). When the man becomes controlled, wielding the yoni, he becomes the stabilized, generous force to allow his woman to become unrestricted, sexual, free, and loose (from her prior self-imposed limitations). Our society has developed in many ways into encouraging only independence— women yielding to and “needing” no man, men avoiding chastity to a woman, and therefore women barren of access to the creative, phallic, force, and men barren of access to stability and containment of her vessel for his expansive energy. Even amongst married couples, women (who are polarized to pull energy inward and upward to the heart) depend on and tightly hold onto their restrictive nature, imposing emotional and sexual restrictions and rules constantly, while the men resist learning phallic control and instead crave to throw their energy outwardly into other women, porn, etc. (as the male force naturally flows downward and outward). In advanced couples, who recognize and embrace one another in their own energetic functioning ...(and do not punish or shame one another for it— i.e. a woman telling her husband his sexual desires are primitive and animalistic, or a man complaining to his coworkers about his “ball and chain” at home), and instead seek to work with one another to rise above these original, standard ways of functioning… the man controls himself and gives the penis devotedly to the woman (who he has selected and views as worthy of all he has, and not a chain or obstruction), loving to place all of his creative energy at her disposal (and doesn’t give it to a million other things or runs away from her restriction), and a woman, growing in trust and devotion for him, blissfully pleased at what she is creating around her, releases her anxiety and tension and control and allows herself to sexually blossom. She does what finally sexually satisfies him, which is churning more desire and lust in herself, to desire to magnetize and contain and hold his abundant energy. In this way, the man approaches the “woman satisfied” and now has true control over her yoni without even exerting effort; now, in her abundance, her restriction loosens and wishes to give him whatever he unconsciously desires (as she naturally "finds" his will, and follows the "rules" of the path of his will that they are on-- the irony here is that the truly vile man actually earns her real desire to give back to him from sacrificing all that he has to her with no expectation). This is due to women having the peculiar quality of being the Moon, having an ability to reveal a man’s true nature to him that he doesn’t even know himself. In this way, although his will is directing/restricting them, she now loves to feel freedom and looseness within herself, and strength, power, and security from his abundance filling her. She willingly and even blissfully “obeys” his path, because she is so satisfied and gratified from having access to manifest whatever she desires with the phallic force, that she dissolves into agape (love— the key of the female path) and finds ultimate liberation in it (you can hear more about this in my video “Female Path Told Through Beauty and the Beast”). She has transformed from the dark, hungry, and frantic new Moon, to the radiant and glowing Full Moon— reflecting her chosen man’s light blissfully. We can see this beautifully depicted in the Adjustment Card of the Thoth deck (below).

The woman grasps the sword firmly in her hands between her legs, as if she is wielding a penis. This is why this card is also called “The Woman Satisfied”. This card relates to the mystery of chastity, which is the 7th degree teachings of the OTO, and which embody the mysteries of the 7th House (this card is Libra). Saturn is exalted in this sign because, as a man, it is only through giving to a woman fully that you become complete and free of limitations with his wife as his guru (only the blessing of a man's real goddess/wife can liberate him). For a woman, only through carefully choosing which man to open up to, and then opening up to only him fully and even greedily, that she becomes free of limitations and liberated. The 7th House is associated with losing one’s way esoterically. Revati, the exaltation of Venus, is associated with finding one’s true path in life. When you direct and pour your energy into the 7th house and your true partner, then the heavenly Venus shows you your path and leads you to immortality through aligning you with your will, Thelema (the key word for the male path). This is why Ucchista Ganesha and his consort (also called Ucchista Matangi) are so associated with caste and breaking of one’s caste, creating one’s own unique caste. They, united together in love and will, can now follow the highest path, Svecchecharya, doing what one wills. There is nothing that pleases Matangi more than yoni puja, and finding one’s own yoni/dharma/rule— this is the way to total freedom.


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