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Nakshatra Feature Focus: "Bratz Doll" Revati

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

There are certain features that can be telltale signs of a nakshatra, even if the natives do not always look overtly similar across all features. There are a few specific features I love to check for when I'm suspecting that Revati रेवती nakshatra (16° 40′ – 30° Pisces/Meena sidereal) may be present. Being the final nakshatra (completing Pisces), Revati is traditionally symbolized by a fish 🐠 or pair of fish. It's shocking how much this carries through to their watery physiognomy, affecting each feature.

Revati's heart-shaped lips are especially distinct; they tend to have a defined line or depression in the center of the the lower lip, sometimes referred to as a notable lip "keyhole". The lower lip is fuller than the upper lip, especially in the center, which appears to roll out forward and down from the mouth. The mouth is narrow to medium in width all together and-- combined with this lip fullness-- this gives a pinched "fish-lips" look.

Their bone structure is altogether minimized and soft, with very little facial angularity. This carries through to the nose, which is very high-set, fleshy and soft, with a low and flat bridge that appears almost boneless. Their eyes give the final "fishy" look; they tend to be medium to large in size, rounded, and protruding, typically slightly downturned or neutral in tilt. Revati's facial softness is also interesting in regards to it being a soft/tender mrdu nakshatra.

My video style analysis of Revati Nakshatra

All together, their beauty type also reminds me of of the features of a Bratz Doll through their face shape, small/minimized nose, and especially the lip size and shape. They also tend to be petitie, with a slightly large face/head in comparison to the body. Like Bratz dolls, they are experimental and bold in terms of fashion (and they seemed to have gravitated towards y2k styles before the trend-explosion), and they have a more sexual "edge" to them. While researching, it was apparent how sexually-expressive many Revati women tend to be. Bratz dolls have oversized feet, emphasized with heavy & bold shoe choices. This Pisces-feet connection reflected in their fashion choices is something I explored in my old video on Revati clothing patterns.

You can watch my new Youtube-short to see Revati beauty in motion (it can also be found on instagram @claire.nakti or tiktok @clairenakti). As with everything in astrology, these features to check for are a tendency not a rule for Revati's physical appearance. A person's other primary placements will bring in features as well, though one will tend to come to the surface the most strongly (relating to their dominant planet); one can have a Revati primary placement but be dominated by one of their other primary placements instead. In this way, I seek in these posts to isolate the Revati appearance influence as much as possible by finding the most consistent common physical ground amongst its natives, while having awareness that each individual you're seeing has other astrological influences at play as well that make them unique. I wanted to make these posts so that you don't have to rely on two people looking strikingly similar to know they share a nakshatra, but rather can more consciously/logically check for certain revealing features even amongst people who have many differences.

Revati dominated my survey of 140 nepo-babies and you can read more about what links this nakshatra to a life of freedom & play on my patreon.

THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Click through the gallery below for visuals to the above description. You can check back here in the future for more updates.


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