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Nakshatra Feature Focus: Swati "Bug Pretty" Eyes

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Aishwarya Rai, Swati Sun

There are certain features that can be telltale signs of a nakshatra, even if the natives do not always look overtly similar across all features. There are a few specific features I love to check for when I'm suspecting that Swati nakshatra (6° 40′ – 20° Libra sidereal) might be present. Swati is one of the only nakshatras ruled by two feminine planets— Venus and the North Node Rahu, which gives it exaggeratedly Yin, feminine features. Swati eyes are perhaps the largest on average amongst the nakshatras, with Ketu-ruled Magha coming in a close second (if you think of Magha examples like Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Richie, and Emma Stone).

Swati's eyes are defined by the way they are especially protruding, with prominent eyelids and medium to close spacing, giving a “bug beauty” effect or a "Bush Baby" like appearance. The eyes are generally almond in shape and neutral to gently upturned in tilt. The eye size is frequently exaggerated by the contrasting typically shorter, square (to rectangular) face shape, sometimes with a prominent and pointed chin. Similar to trine Rahu-ruled Shatabhisha, Swati can also tend towards a low-set and downturned or slightly plunging nose, often with a slightly bulbous tip. Their lips are generally thin to medium, with a more de-emphasized upper lip. Swati’s cheek bones are on the small side, but high and gently defined, with medium sized cheek apples. Here is my Youtube short correlating to this blog post, where you can see Swati Beauty in motion.

As with everything in astrology, these features to check for are a tendency not a rule for Swati's physical appearance. A person's other primary placements will bring in features as well, though one will tend to come to the surface the most strongly (relating to their dominant planet). In this way, I seek in these posts to isolate the Swati appearance influence as much as possible by finding the most consistent common physical ground amongst its natives, while having awareness that each individual you're seeing has other astrological influences at play as well that make them unique. I wanted to make these posts so that you don't have to rely on two people looking strikingly similar to know they share a nakshatra, but rather can more consciously/logically check for certain revealing features even amongst people who have many differences. I've been deepening and refining my research, so although most notes on Swati's appearance I've explored a few years ago remain, some have adjusted/shifted slightly. For example, the presence of a Saturn-ruled nakshatra combining with Swati placements will make the eyes more wide-set.

Click through the gallery below for more visuals to the above description:

I've made a recent full-length documentary on this innovative & playful nakshatra, especially in regards to how it dominated in artistic fields, which you can view here:

& For further reading on Swati:

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