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The Return: How a Man Chooses a Goddess

By Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada (Italy-3138) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I have received a few questions regarding how a man can choose the correct Goddess to worship. There are essentially 10 Goddess types that are possible to exist in the world; these are personified best by the ten Mahavidyas, which show in the most Universal sense the 10 main types of "maha" yonis a person can get absorbed into. Every Goddess of any culture falls under one of these 10 types, but is a real and specific being despite being able to be classified under one of these ten Universal archetypes. Aphrodite is her own Goddess distinct from Inanna, but is still under the control of the planet Venus, as she is an emanation of this particular planetary ray. For this reason, a man should not assume that Lakshmi or Freja is the same as Aphrodite... and that their worship is equivalent, as they are, in truth, distinct and complete beings of their own, but all emanations of Venus. For this reason, a man should remain open as to the specific Goddess he belongs to if he is not sure. A man's Goddess is often most distinctly present in his life when he is born and her symbols and imagery surround him in his childhood, due to him having just separated from her embrace. Her vibrations and presence are all around him at this time, so going back to your earliest memories and experiences is a good way to being to know who she is. Due to the personal nature of this matter, a person should be truly unbiased and understand that many different kinds of beings incarnate in human bodies, and one man or culture's Goddess is another person or culture's Demoness. The best thing for a man to do if he is not certain who his Goddess is, is to worship the planet that rules his 7th house; the planets are mechanical in nature, and this will ensure that his phallic energy is directed only towards his actual Goddess (as it directs it through the link to your everlasting consort). When his energy it is pointed toward the 7th lord it can only go to his Goddess, even if she is not physically incarnated. This is the safest route for a man, especially in regards to any emissions of semen he may have, to be directed in this way, because then he will not break his chastity (which is the source of his spiritual, intellectual, and material power in life). If a man has even a drop of his life force fall in a wrong direction, he can threaten himself from getting pulled into the wrong yoni through getting confused in his after-death state.

Every sexual act (either private, with another person, or even a disembodied being) forms a link that is very difficult to break. When a person dies, they enter into the dream state but cannot wake up, and so if they fall into a yoni type, it becomes their reality and they are essentially born into that realm. Every man, due to his lingam type, is vulnerable to being preyed upon by different yoni types, some which are almost impossible for him to not be contained within unless he is very knowledgeable about his own sense organs and mind. Chastity does not mean never having sex it; in reality, it means being true to one's Goddess and only allowing one's sexual energy to flow into her... and for a woman, it means only opening up to her true God, who she also should discover. Chastity is directing every drop of one's energy into the Goddess we manifested from to incarnate. Because Goddesses are the yin element in nature, it is a man's responsibility to make sure he directs his sexual energy in accordance with his will, and which allows him to maintain his individual existence. Goddesses do not have any responsibility to control their appetites and will consume a man who agrees to sleep with them, even if he cannot maintain his individuality from the sexual encounter, and this is why there is a big responsibility in regards to how his sexual energy is used. All Goddesses desire the blood of their devotes and consume the Prana of individuals who recite he mantra or pray to her. The blood and Prana pours into her womb, and she then takes him into herself and they enjoy Union until he desires to manifest again on earth. She takes his blood, which he gave to her in life, and shapes him according to his desired purpose of incarnation, and then begets him in the material world. Depending on his level of development, he may forget her for a little while, but there is always a little imprint of his time in paradise with his Goddess deep in his mind, if he can manage to search and know himself to find his way back to her. Worship performed in Purnarvasu nakshatra, asking to remember one's Goddess, is a good time, as this nakshatra rules the mechanism of returning back to one's point of origin. This is why it's best to only worship the Goddess who you know without a doubt to be your own, and this can only be known by oneself. No person has the right to deny a person the right to worship the Goddess they give their heart to, and it can, in truth only be known for certain through deep self-analysis, journaling and reflection, and praying for her to come and make herself known to you. This and worshipping the seventh lord are the best for the uncertain. Every person has a Guardian Angel who is their Kundalini itself, and you can pray to your own personal divine mother/lover Kundalini to give you her true name before you enter sleep. It may take months or even years of praying, but soon you will hear her name accompanied with music, and this can be recited internally to commune with her. She will then prepare you for consummating the union, which results in the irrevocable absorption of the individual into his Goddess.

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1 comentário

Divine Lotus
Divine Lotus
10 de mar. de 2019

This is so interesting, now I'm curious about how a woman should choose a God to worship. Actually, I want to know wich gods they are... I'm still very ignorant about gods and godesses. Anyway I always had intense atraction to shiva because... I don't know exactly why. But I really like everything I learn about shiva. But I would like to know more specificaly in an astrological point of view, I'll search in ur website but if u did not wrote something like this I'll leave this sugestion for when you feel its ur time to talk about this. :3

thx for the nice articles I love to read them in my free time \o\

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