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The Hidden Astrology Behind Nepo Babies (Astrological Research Survey)

Updated: May 24, 2023

Recently, the public has been captivated by the concept of what are commonly referred to as "nepo babies" — individuals born into privileged backgrounds with family ties especially to the luxurious entertainment industry. I decided to graph the charts of 136 Nepo babies (in entertainment or politics) with verified birth times in order to uncover what placements they most frequently shared, as well as to get insight into which placements are not commonly born into such circumstances. On my Patreon I explore the results in full. Every graph on conjunctions and every planet in each nakshatra, house, and Zodiac sign is available there for Jyeshta+ patrons. This comes with a 7-page analysis I included with my thoughts on interesting patterns through the research, and the key prominent placements.

However, one thing I'd love to share and explore here briefly is the domination of one shining nakshatra. Four factors tied as most statistically-significant overall, and Revatī रेवती nakshatra (16° 40′ – 30° Pisces/Meena) claimed two out of four of these factors, as the #1 nakshatra placement for Moon as well as the #1 nakshatra placement for Venus. All together, Revati was consistent enough in other primary placements to also be within the top 5 nakshatras when Sun, Moon, and ASC were combined. Revati is where Venus' exaltation degree-- where Venus reaches its upmost potential-- is located. The power of Venus exalted in Pisces carried through when analyzing by rashis (the 12 Zodiac signs), as the #1 most statisically-important rashi placement for nepo babies. Venus debilitated in Virgo was interestingly lowest as well (to understand the difference-- there were 23 individuals surveyed with Venus in Pisces and 4 with Venus in Virgo). It's fascinating how this also carried through to house placements; Venus in Pisces' natural House, House 12, tied for 2nd most statistically-important house placement.

Revati's prescence here is fascinating in regards to its traditional associations. Revati means "wealthy" or "prosperous", and this nakshatra has the power of nourishment symbolized by milk (kshiradyapani shakti), explored in Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa as being the transfer of the nourishment of the milk from the cow to the calf, which is fascinating in regards to the conveyance here of enjoyments & benefits from the parents or other elders/kin (siblings, grandparents, aunts or uncles) to the young Revati "prosperous" native. Revati's nakshatra lord is Mercury, the most materially-oriented and tangible planet.

The Mercury nakshatras end each stage of nakshatras, and Revati here is the final nakshatra of all, representing the full range of fruits fully crystallizing into mundane, material reality. In this way, Nepo babies are defined by their natural birth into all the privileges the masses most desire and work for-- they have instant attainment of luxuries, wealth, fame, opportunities, and distinguishment from one's peers. The ruler of Revati is the nourisher Pūṣan, who is said to bring light to all the paths and be one's guide on their path. Something fascinating and undeniable about nepo babies is the way all fields and paths are open wider to them than to others.

Their birth name & connection makes people more accepting and open for them to enter nearly every field; when someone finds out you're "Kate Hudson's daughter" or "Julia Robert's niece" they are more prone to allow you into any career, social group, or project and see you as distinct from the competition & memorable, whether your desire is to be a musician (Venus in Revati Enrique Iglesias), an actor (Venus in Revati George Clooney), a model (Revati Moon Georgia May Jagger), a chef (Venus in Revati Brooklyn Beckham), a politician (Moon in Revati Justin Trudeau), a fitness coach, and so on.

Mercury rules one's name and titles, and it makes sense that in the height expression of Mercury one has the potential to be assigned at birth something very powerful-- a name which materially-powers & benefits them throughout their lives. On a side note, as you can see in the above Moon nakshatra graph, the Mercury-ruled nakshatra of Ashlesha tied for the second highest Moon placement as well. Many articles on Nepo babies point out how often they try something and fail and yet, with the power of the God of Paths, are guided and lifted by those around them again to try something new. They get far more chances in many more areas than other people who are not born into such circumstances, who often only get "one shot" if at all. They also have access to unique education & gaining first-hand, experiential intelligence in a certain industry (such as Venus in Revati Keira Knightley being born to two British actor/screenwriters).

According to Parashara, Mercury is correlated to the Buddha avatar of Vishnu, who is linked to the Mahavidya Kamala (Tantric Lakshmi). She grants Pushti Karma (meaning "thriving" and nourishment). Pushan's name comes from this same root, thought to have come from Pūṣyati meaning "to cause to thrive". Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was born into such wealthy circumstances, attempted to obtain enlightenment through austerity, and then realized austerity is not the path to liberation, embracing harmony and wholeness instead. Through this, he obtained liberation. In this way, Buddhism is considered the "middle-path", not over-emphasizing austerity but describing liberation as the attainment of every objective, like the four aims of life (purusharthas) of Hinduism, which each come together in fulfillment in cosmic Revati.

Revati shows that in the final nakshatra, the transcendence of all things, one obtains ultimate freedom to choose whatever path they desire, and their journey is protected. Their feet were blessed and crystallized through effort in Uttara Bhadrapada, which was fascinatingly the second to lowest Moon nakshatra (after Ardra, who's power is effort, yatna shakti) and lowest nakshatra present overall for nepo babies. This of course makes sense with Saturnian Uttara Bhadrapada's important lessons being growth through tolerance and patience, rags-to-riches stories where one builds strength & fortitude in the lowest realms, which powers them to the highest realms. For more on this, you can see my video on Cinderella, "From Ashes to Riches". Uttara Bhadrapada is the pinnacle of "work" and enduring hardship to reach perfection. One then transcends work all together and is rewarded like Cinderella (rewarded through marriage). Revati being final liberation (after the completion of Uttara Bhadrapada) is the work-transcended, and the attainment of things easily. In this way, the Pisces nakshatras deal ultimately with receiving things from others (respectively the partner and the family) due to Pisces' association with liberation & expenditure. Now in Revati, one automatically (through birth) wears the protective magical glass slippers, where one can travel into any area of reality with divine support, given the opportunity to treat life more as play.

Venus' exaltation in Pisces and his placement in the 12th house of expenditures, bed pleasures, and indulgences as top for nepo babies is also interesting, as nepo babies are known for being able to indulge their senses, have access to extremely high quality items and foods from birth, have high value to potential partners, and importantly have access to beneficial and powerful contracts & business/creative partnerships (ruled by Venus). The 12th house of Pisces, in addition to being about bed pleasures and expenditure, is also the house of liberation, relating to the final wastage of energy & experience of enjoyments that comes when one has accumulated immense merit and overcome the obstacles and entrapments of Maya, which prevent freedom of action.

Here is my Youtube Video short on this topic. There are many more key factors and takeaways from this survey on my Patreon. Not all nepo babies have Revati placements, it was simply the one that arose most frequently amongst them. Different nakshatras can arise for different forms of beneficial births, such as simply being born into wealth/inheritance, royalty, etc. Remember this is focused on nepotism, with most examples being in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, certainly not all Revatis will have this experience, but it's interesting that when it does occur, Revati tends to be present. My Patreon analysis includes the other two factors that tied with Moon or Venus in Revati for statistical significance, as well as more considerations.

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