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Nakshatra Feature Focus: Watery Purva Ashada

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Purva Ashada Moons: Dounia & Alina Baraz

When it comes to physical appearance, a giveaway to guess many Purva Ashada nakshatra (13° 20′ – 26° 40′ Sagittarius/Dhanus sidereal) natives is their flowy, watery collection of features, which call to mind the ultra-soft look of Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess associated with Venus) arising from the sea foam. Looking for one or more of these features can help you to spot & verify Purva Ashada energies around you.

Purva Ashada is traditionally ruled by water deified, the Goddess Āpaḥ. In terms of planetary lords, this nakshatra is the height of Venus (a water element planet). Venus is traditionally a Kapha-increasing planet (as is Purva Ashada's rashi lord, Jupiter), the dosha associated with moistness, heaviness, and lubrication.

This can be seen in Purva Ashada eyes, which appear extra wet, glassy, or glistening. Although that can be hard to perceive in pictures or videos, it is quite a clear giveaway in real life. This is caused both by excess eye moisture along with a general dark iris (no matter the eye color) in high contrast to the whites of the eye (creating an overall "sparkle"). The eye shape is a protruding almond, generally small to medium in size, with thick eyelids and pronounced, plunging, rounded inner eye corners (where the tear ducts are located).

Purva Ashada's face shape tends to be most defined by its lack of angularity, taking on a soft oblong water-drop appearance, with fat stores especially in the buccal area (giving a somewhat "babyish" look to the lower face, mouth, and expression).

Purva Ashada's lips are distinctly bow-shaped, with an emphasized, wide cupid's bow and a longer lower lip. These natives frequently stretch back the lower lip while smiling, but leave the upper lip relaxed or neutral, which gives a distinct shy, soft, withheld smile. The Kapha nature of this nakshatra can also be seen in the Purva Ashada body type, which tends to be on the fleshier/curvier side, and with rounded hips (which makes sense with this nakshatra being in Sagittarius, which rules the hip area). The body is also marked by a lack of boniness or angularity; even the wrists and ankles for example tend to be thick, wide, and soft.

Finally, Purva Ashada is one of the main nakshatras that can lean towards an emphasized nose bridge, often with a sharp bump or aquiline shape. There is an overall "thickness" to the skin of the face, shown in the eyelids, under-eye, thickness of the lips, and finally the thickness of the nose tip (which tends to be rounded or bulbous and medium to large in size). A final note linking these women to traditional depictions of Aphrodite is their general preference to wear their hair in very long styles (whether real or extensions/wigs), such as Purva Ashada Moon Cher who is known for this. Ariana Grande can also have Purva Ashada Ascendant (depending on two birth time sources given), and is also known for her iconic extra-long ponytail.

As always with everything in astrology physiognomy, this is a tendency not a rule for Purva Ashada's appearance. Your other primary placements will have an effect on your overall appearance and constitution (especially if you are dominated overall by a planet/placement other than Venus/Purva Ashada), which can alter these features. There are also other patterns for this nakshatra I will expand on in the future.

A full documentary where I explore the artistic nature of this nakshatra can be found on my Youtube channel, as Part 2 of my "Most Creative & Artistic Nakshatras" series: "Why Venusians Rule the Arts: The Fierce Cult of Beauty".

For more visuals to the above description, click through the gallery here:

Celebrities shown in the media but not otherwise listed above:

Kelly Brook, Purva Ashada Moon

Seohyun, Purva Ashada Moon

Chloe Mortaud, Purva Ashada Moon

Brooklyn Sadano, Purva Ashada Sun & Moon

Charlotte Casiraghi, Purva Ashada ASC

On N. Solian: She gave me a rounded (C-rated) birth time that can be Purva Ashada.

On Selena Quintanilla: There is a birth time listed for her on that has been disproven by Astrodienst. They obtained the cited biography and found no reference to her time of birth.

On: Anais Benitez (the Selena look-alike above) verified her birth time with me as Purva Ashada Moon, with Ashwini ASC. That is very interesting in regards to Selena having Ashwini Sun! So, their striking similarity comes from being the same combination of two nakshatras.

Liv Tyler's (Purva Ashada Moon) gentle smile, oblong face, sparkling eyes

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