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🕷️The Female Night Huntress: The 7th House Woman

In a previous article called "The 8th House Woman: The Path of the 'Lonely Soul'" I spoke about the sexual mysteries of the female path revolving around the magic power of fully embracing your individuality and your ascendant & never engaging in marriage, instead "lighting yourself on fire" with the sexual heat of the 8th house. This article describes the contrasting but complimentary path of the woman who embraces marriage, and instead of bathing in the fires of the 8th house of infidelity (as does the lonely soul), she embraces the dark and disturbing culmination of marriage in a cosmic sense, which revolves around causing the male to make the ultimate sacrifice and consuming him in totality, thus "widowing" herself . The path of the "Lonely soul" means that you allow your 1st house of individuality to overpower your 7th house. Rather than ever put your ego down willingly to marry, you choose to bathe yourself in the molten fires of fornication that cover any woman who remains "single"; the only man she would ever submit to and be "owned" by is one who was able to conquer her. This is why this can evolve into the path of the concubine when she is "taken" by a powerful male who was able to withstand her devastating fire that destroys all weakness, and he learns to love the pain & knowledge that comes from these fires of infidelity himself.

On the other hand, the path of the "Night Huntress"/wife revolves around the 7th house, and thus is the complete opposite of the burning fires of the Sun, which is the Karaka of the 1st house, because it is the exaltation of Aries and also represents our individuality. To engage in marriage, a person has to be willing to submit the ego for one's sexual partner in order to get along, and this is why Saturn, the ice cold planet of darkness and coldness, is exalted in the sign of Libra, which rules the 7th house in the natural zodiac. The 7th house represents the point in time when the sun sets and thus Night reigns and overpowers the male principle; the night is feminine, dark, and cold as opposed to the masculine, bright, heat of the Sun & day. Rather than embracing & embodying the fire of male fantasy (as does the Bhairavi), this female manifestation would rather regulate, control, protect, and "dominate" her male partner's instinctual nature to the utmost extreme, creating a marriage that is the shrouding & consuming of the male's individuality into her safety. A woman on this path knows that nothing can satisfy her other than total absorption of and energetic fulfillment from her partner, and so she begins the process of initiating him through her naturally devouring tendencies towards him. If he is an unworthy male, his virility is destroyed in the process (as can be seen with many marriages); but for the worthy male, he will only allow her to consume his ego, which purifies him. In this path, she becomes the Rule and Law he chooses to submit to willingly out of love, or falls to her fatal oral seduction out of weakness and passivity (the men who are of a more passive, yin type find these females especially dangerously tempting, while men leaning towards yang activity find the Bhairavi type tempting). This also relates to the Exaltation sign of Saturn being Libra (the 7th house), which rules marriage contracts, promises, as the proper expression for male sexual energy if he wishes to gain material & social power and prosperity (as the fires of the Bhairavi/concubine archetype do not allow for such stability). This path relates to the praying mantis and black widow, who consume their sexual mate. This path is one of darkness and coolness & also total and fatal seduction, as she must fill herself with darkness and space to cause men to fall under her spell. 

In her nightly hunting flights on the astral (taking place unconsciously or consciously, before or after marriage), this type will stalk and pursue any man she chooses who she was able to perceive in the light of day who she wanted to try to master, and once she has set her mark, one of three things occur: he allows himself to be eaten and falls under her spell and becomes consumed by the powerful void energy that she churns within; he finds protection from his own wife, who covers him and hides him from her attack; or he recognizes that she herself is his soulmate, and thus allows her to consume his ego and enjoys her protection. Just like the path of the Lonely soul, The path of the Night Huntress is very sacred, as she keeps the world pure and free of male vanity, as any man who displays himself openly can end up falling prey to one of these "femme fatales" in the most literal sense. Only men who marry and enjoy the covering and obscuring embrace of their wife are safe from these types of women. She is able to keep her activities secret, as well as to keep her partner's sacred energy secure and hidden, due to her being shrouded in the darkness of night. Just like the Lonely Soul is ruled by the Goddess Bhairavi in an overarching sense, the path of the Night Huntress is ruled by the Goddess Dhumavati. These paths are really complimentary, however, just as fire (Bhairavi) is necessary to produce smoke (Dhumavati), and we can find why sometimes Dhumavati is described as the older sister or mother of Bhairavi in her Puranic form of "Dhumra Bhairavi". Together, they preside over the darkest secrets of marriage and infidelity, and reveal these mysteries to the worthy.

To align with your own personal female power and Goddess type, consider the guidance provided in my 1-year female path course.

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