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The female form functions as the guardian of the sanctuary of Gnosis, sometimes displayed openly and at other times only astrally. This is a natural phenomenon and a mystery of the interplay between yin and yang. Yang seeks to expand and is bright and giving, while yin seeks to restrict and is dark and receptive. Women being Yin are drawn to the light of that which is spiritual due to spirituality being essentially the science of light. Because of this, a woman and her Magick power is of the Moon and the Night, just as the man's is in the Sun and the Day. The most important practice for a man is to align himself with the Sun in order to perform his role in sexual ritual. For a woman, she must align herself with the Moon if she wishes to perform her role as a Scarlet Woman or Bhairavi.

This course presents teachings over the months, 1 per week through an email document, focusing each week on a range of essential elements for women in spirituality: self-development topics such as the body, glamour, asana, mantras, journaling, lunar adorations for women to be performed daily, exploring realms, dream working, techniques of lunar magick,  your unique sexuality, methods to contact and control your daemon/kundalini (so that one learns to gain any knowledge they desire through Gnosis, without the need for any teacher or authority figure to submit to), rituals (including things such as spiritual protection from evil eye or astral invasion-- things women are often susceptible to), getting in touch with one's ancestors, the three degrees of sexual magic, doing pujas and Nyasa, witchcraft, which goddess and demoness you embody, body acceptance, increasing magnetism, attracting the soulmate, omens & synchronicities, cutting off past lovers, 12-week focus on connecting Rahu & Ketu, and much, much more. 

This course also includes initial personalized email correspondence to implement a daily practice based on traditional remedies in Vedic Astrology (such as certain offerings, Goddess work, bija use).

The course beings with Week 1 for each individual (as it is a one-to-one program)-- sent the Friday after purchase-- and continues for 51 weeks. 

There are essentially 10 individual paths that a woman can be suitable for based on their natal chart and aspirations to succeed at manifesting her potential as a literal and complete manifestation of the Goddess on earth. These 10 paths correspond to the 10 Mahavidyas and also to the 10 Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of life. This course includes inner development practice to determine your Goddess type.

There are no payment plan options currently.

Female Path 1-Year Course

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