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THE 8TH HOUSE WOMAN | The Path of the "Lonely Soul" (Anima Sola)

The Anima Sola (Lonely Soul) depicted above is used to contact a certain class of spirit that corresponds to Bhairavi in Hindu Tantra. This spirit in certain magical traditions is used to inflict a person with an extreme in-tranquility and romantic passion for another person that is so powerful that the person must obey it or die. She can also be used to create infidelity in relationships due to her peculiar spiritual nature and condition. A lot of people in Latin American, Caribbean, or Italian magical traditions are actually terrified of working with her due to her extremely dangerous reputation and abilities, and yet she is very well known around the world. The same holds true for Bhairavi in India, and rituals using Bhairavi require having sex with someone "who is not your wife". In this article, I want to talk about her particular spiritual path, and about women who follow in her footsteps, in that unique manifestation of the female path: "the sacred prostitute". The most important thing to understand about "Anima Sola" is that she is cosmically against marriage and those who follow her path forever resign themselves to never formally marrying. This is why Anima Sola means "the lonely soul"; she is "alone" burning in the sexual, unstable, transformative fire of the 8th house forever. The sexual fire of the 8th house is dependent upon traumatic sexual upheavals such as infidelity, divorce, and illicit sexual experiences, and deals with the spiritual power of fornication in general. Bhairavi and Anima Sola willingly resign themselves to being constantly aflame with the fires of fornication in order to obtain spiritual power. It should be understood that the 8th house represents the wilderness, cemeteries, and cremation grounds, all of which are liminal and outside the world of society as well as outside of religious institutions (9th house). The 8th house, by being 12 houses away from the 9th, drains away all of these things, thus making her "lonely" because she is unable to rely on their protective support (function of the 9th house). To follow the path of Bhairavi or Anima Sola requires that a woman place herself in this state which, according to these 9th house world religions, is a state of damnation. In reality, a Bhairavi practices a type of magic that requires her sexual center to be in a constant state of instability in order to obtain her particular power. It is not enough that a woman be unwillingly single and cannot attract men in order to be initiated into her mysteries. She must be able to obtain a partner she desires, yet deny herself the stability of marriage forever. A priestess of this spirit purposefully sets herself spiritually on fire in order to find a worthy sexual consort. In this way, she will purposefully generate strife, instability, and sexual infidelity in marriage couples in order to wiggle her way into the relationship and obtain the sexual energy of the man-- either through his dreams, masturbation in fantasy of her, or through actual physical sexual affairs. Why does she do this? It is for two reasons: the first is because it is a requirement for her to maintain her power, and secondly, it is because if she does not find a worthy sexual consort, the fire will consume her forever and she will disappear. For this reason, she will purposefully try to create breakups because her "pact" requires it. Because her energy is so unstable and fiery, it rapidly melts the stability of that couples' 7th house, and causes their 8th house to activate, which results in heated transformations often leading to breakups and affairs. A woman such as this thrives on breaking up couples and every breakup is an offering to her Patroness and increases her power. Rahu in the 8th house for a female, because it can indicate that her overall destiny is to dwell in this house forever and be a source of division/strife and constant transformation, can give a woman the desire to churn upheaval in this sense that leads to moksha. The only possibility for her to be in anything resembling a stable sexual relationship is if a male practitioner succeeds in "binding" her as a ritual partner, despite all her efforts to prove his unworthiness (signifying his virility). Advanced male practitioners of magic understand the power that can be gained from obtaining a woman like this as a consort, but the risks are very great because he most commit cosmic adultery to do so-- and the spiritual risks deal with the possibility of soul loss and dispersion into the abyss. If he can succeed in obtaining one of these "fire women" as a sexual consort, he will actually be able to practice a certain form of magic that leads to literal spiritual immortality, as he masters the 8th house and thus goes beyond the reach of death. It goes without saying that this path is not for every woman nor is it for every man to engage with a woman of this nature, due to the extremely high risk involved. This is why left-hand rituals are better left to those of a domineering and ruthless temperament, who are willing to succeed or die trying. This is why the Anima Sola and Bhairavi herself are fringe entities worshipped only by those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifices. Individuals who want to contact this entity will usually use this image along with a candle to call upon her for whatever purpose. 


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