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Nakshatra Feature Focus: 🦌 "Deer-Pretty" Mrigashira

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Claudia Schiffer, Mrigashira Moon

There are certain features that can be telltale signs of a nakshatra, even if the natives do not always look overtly similar across all features. There are a few specific features I love to check for when I'm suspecting that Mrigashira nakshatra (23° 20′ Taurus – 6° 40′ Gemini sidereal) might be present, which for me call to mind its symbol, the Deer. Mṛga (deer) & śirsha (head) literally means "the deer's head".

Mrigashira eyes are generally small to medium in size and upturned, with an emphasized & rounded canthus. They are typically medium-set to close-set. Although not always present, Mrigashira women are some of the top beauty icons who have hooded eyes (excess skin that obscures the crease fully or partially), placed upon slightly deep-set eyes. This distinction is important as I'll explore hooded eyes with a more protruding and elongated shape for another nakshatra in the future. Along with this, their eyebrows tend towards being low-set and naturally straight or slightly downturned.

The face is narrow overall as the cheek bones are not very broad, and the cheek apples are small with the fullness placed medially (rather than laterally). The face then narrows to a generally more well-defined and elongated chin, which really creates the delicate & spry deer shape. Overall, the face shape tends towards being an elongated inverted triangle (with an emphasized lower face V-shape created by the cheek lines and chin). The forehead can be slightly broad or tall (and appears more rounded from the side than average). They tend to have a vertically long, narrow nose bridge and a defined, pointed nose tip. The bridge is generally straight or slightly bumped (rather than very concave), which gives a regal look. The mouth is often small and slightly narrow, with thin to medium lip fullness. With Mrigashira, you may notice emphasized (more than usual) lines on the cheeks that are something like extended dimples; they begin where spot dimples normally would be and end at or near the jaw. This calls to mind trine Mars-ruled Chitra, which also often has dimples. Another quirk to their appearance that calls to mind a deer is their frequent possession of slightly long or protruding ears.

As with everything in astrology, these features to check for are a tendency not a rule for Mrigashira's physical appearance. A person's other primary placements will bring in features as well, though one will tend to come to the surface the most strongly (relating to their dominant planet). In this way, I seek in these posts to isolate the Mrigashira appearance influence as much as possible by finding the most consistent common physical ground amongst its natives, while having awareness that each individual you're seeing has other astrological influences at play as well that make them unique. I wanted to make these posts so that you don't have to rely on two people looking strikingly similar to know they share a nakshatra, but rather can more consciously/logically check for certain revealing features even amongst people who have many differences.

Here is my Youtube documentary on this nakshatra & the art these natives channel. I plan to explore it even more thoroughly in the future, as this was one of my earliest nakshatra explorations. Below, I have also linked my ebook on Mrigashira.

Click through the gallery below to see visuals for the above description. To see Mrigashira deer-beauty in motion, you can watch my Youtube short on this nakshatra.

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