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Nakshatra Feature Focus: 🧜‍♀️ "Mermaid Pretty" Uttara Bhadrapada

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Uttara Bhadrapada Mermaid
Simone Ashley (Uttara Bhadrapada Moon & Sun)

There are certain features that can be telltale signs of a nakshatra, even if the natives do not always look overtly similar across all features. There are a few specific features I love to check for when I'm suspecting that Uttara Bhadrapada उत्तरभाद्रपदा nakshatra (3° 20′ – 16° 40′ Meena/Pisces) may be present. Overall, Uttara Bhadrapada frequently has a collection of other-worldly features, granting them "Mermaid Beauty". Uttara Bhadrapada is located at the core of the watery Pisces, and ruled in the vimshottari system by the planet Saturn. Saturn's limiting/regulating height here grants this nakshatra an airy and ethereal appearance, with well-defined facial bone structure, striking symmetry, and graceful length to the limbs and neck. This nakshatra's easist-to-spot feature is perhaps their common possession of some of the most wide-spaced eyes amongst the nakshatras. The eyes are medium to small in size (a size allowing for more distance between them), pinched almond in shape, and slightly upturned. Their features overall have minimal fusing in the center that also widens the upper nose bridge. The brows emphasize the eyes by being lifted, long, and strongly arched. Their foreheads tend to protrude slightly foward and are rounded in shape. All of these features are placed on a generally compact face overall.

Uttara Bhadrapada natives tend to have prominent and high cheekbones, along with full cheek apples. Their faces generally narrow to a pointed and dainty chin, with a sharp but delicate jawline. The nose tends to project downwardly, typically with a straight or slightly bumped bridge (rather than a concave sloping), and is often low-set on the face. Also in regards to the lower face, their lips are generally narrow to medium in fullness.

The Mermaid-like features of this nakshatra are very interesting in regards to it being traditionally presided over by the God Ahirbudhnya, the serpent or dragon of the depths. In China, medieval writings note Jiaoren, which means "flood-dragon people", as a reference to mer-folk & their traditional connection to dragon-beings. These aquatic people (interestingly in regards to my fashion research on this nakshatra and their love of silk/satin) were said to have spun a raw silk called Jiaonujuan, meaning "mermaid women’s silk". As I explore in my Cinderella video, Uttara Bhadrapada is this Saturnian pressure-sculpted beauty, like a gem formed under the immense pressure of the Earth’s depths, or the mermaids, beautiful creatures living under the pressure of the deep ocean.

You can watch my new Youtube-short to see Uttara Bhadrapada beauty in motion (it can also be found on instagram @claire.nakti or tiktok @clairenakti). As with everything in astrology, these features to check for are a tendency not a rule for Uttara Bhadrapada's physical appearance. A person's other primary placements will bring in features as well, though one will tend to come to the surface the most strongly (relating to their dominant planet); one can have an Uttara Bhadrapada primary placement but be dominated by one of their other primary placements instead. In this way, I seek in these posts to isolate the Uttara Bhadrapada appearance influence as much as possible by finding the most consistent common physical ground amongst its natives, while having awareness that each individual you're seeing has other astrological influences at play as well that make them unique. I wanted to make these posts so that you don't have to rely on two people looking strikingly similar to know they share a nakshatra, but rather can more consciously/logically check for certain revealing features even amongst people who have many differences.

My ebook & full video exploration diving deeper into this nakshatra:


Click through the gallery below for more visuals to the above description. You can check back here for future additions:

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Sulli too she has Uttara Bhadrapada Sun and Lil Kim has Uttara Bhadrapada Moon, Jang Wonyoung too and i often see her being compared to mermaids. She also shares a resemblance to Halle Bailey and gives Saturnian vibes.

P.S Jang Wonyoung before her plastic surgery looked like Rose from blackpink who’s also Uttara Bhadrapada Moon.

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