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Nakshatra Feature Focus: Chitra Cheeks

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Alexa Demie, Chitra Moon

There are certain features that can be telltale signs of a nakshatra, even if the natives do not always look overtly similar across all features. One giveaway to guess many Chitra nakshatra (23° 20′ Virgo – 6° 40′ Libra sidereal) natives is their unique smile, which I personally think of as similar to a cute chipmunk due to natural cheek fullness and prominent front teeth. They possess low, well-defined, and large cheek apples, and mouth corners that pull back more horizontally or even slightly downward compared to most smiles. The fullness of the cheeks often hides the mouth corners more than other smiles. You may notice a particularly gummy smile with Chitra woman as well. The largeness of the teeth can cause the mouth to appear slightly open even when at rest, with the front teeth lightly overlapping the lower lip.

Chitra natives tend to have sloping noses on the smaller side, and there is also a high amount of nose crinkling/wrinkling to go along with their highly-animated smile. The face is compact overall which allows for firm (rather than lengthened or hollow) cheek structure, and which naturally supports lifted, (generally narrowed) almond-shaped eyes. Overall, there is often a lot more lining or dimpling activating in the cheek are for many Chitra women than other signs, and the area where the mouth, cheek apples, and nose corners meet is a hotspot of the face to check when yo u’re suspecting Chitra nakshatra (especially on the Moon) may be present. Chitra means "the bright one" and it is symbolized by a sparkling jewel. The face seems designed all together for a unique, adorable, and infectious smile.

I will explore other nakshatras associated with facial fullness (but with a different overall effect) in the future. Chitra's has a very specific combination of factors with the teeth, gums, and mouth corners. As always with everything in astrology physiognomy, this is a tendency not a rule for Chitra's facial appearance.

Chitra Moon natives: Kate Upton & Sophie Monk

Click the images below for visuals to the above description:

View the corresponding video-short here to see this cute smile in motion.

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