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The 2nd House & High IQ

In an effort to better understand intelligence (specifically the form of intelligence measured through IQ tests) through astrology, I conducted a study of 492 women and men who have IQ levels above the 98th percentile (to meet the requirements for Mensa membership). Most of these are non-public figures (Mensa members) verified through testing, collected by Astrodatabank, although some historical figures are included. These historical figures are those that modern academics have estimated the IQ of based on the individual’s historical records— those that are largely considered by historians as many of the “most intelligent individuals of all time”.

For Zodiac Sign placements, the most common factor they shared overall was Gemini Rising (sidereal). For house placements, the 2nd house proved itself to be crucial, and this house traditionally rules one’s accumulation of knowledge. The peak genius house placement was Venus in the 2nd house, and the 2nd most important planetary placement was Mercury in the 2nd House. In Vedic Astrology, Venus and Mercury are the two planets under rajas, translating as “passion”, and so they tie highly to our activities in life. In my most recent survey of sex workers, the house placements (House 8) of these two planets were also important.

For those who study nakshatras, the results get way more interesting. Nakshatra-wise, the numbers were some of the most fascinating I’ve seen. One planet had all three of its vimshottari nakshatras within the top 6 when adding sun, moon, and rising, and that same planet owned the other three top nakshatras based on rashi. To read my analysis of this one genius planet and to go through all the graphs yourself, check out my Patreon. In the analysis, I also some include notable figures of this planet-type & film trope examples.

Here is my recent YouTube short on this study.

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