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What is the Real Essence of Beauty?

Beauty is a result of the position of desiring to be viewed or looked upon, and is dependent upon the ability an individual has to cultivate softness and hollowness, as these traits are the opposite of Yang, which is hard, rigid, and full. The eyes are yang points of the body and emanate and project force, which is why it is said that when you stare directly at a ghost (which is yin) it disperses, but viewing it with one's astral eyes or out of the corner of one's physical eyes does not interrupt its ability to form itself. This is also why being able to see Ghosts is sometimes known as having "yin eyes". Most women, like the Goddess herself want to viewed and looked upon, which is why they cultivate a beautiful form in the first place. When a man looks upon a woman, his solar light goes into her, which, because she is the moon makes her very beautiful and juicy.

This is why women often deeply desire to ornament and display themselves openly, because being a manifestation of nature, they want to be observed or perceived and "known". This is why Tantras are often framed with the Goddess asking a question, and then Shiva telling her all that she wants to know; he is the observer who essentially is describing and extracting the occult teaching from the body of the Goddess herself in order for her to enjoy it. A woman's power and knowledge depends totally on her ability to obtain male energy, as although more abundant women (such as Jupiter women) possess power they have previously collected, women do not produce it by nature, but like the moon, absorbs and then radiates it. This is why the female path is Lunar or Ida Nadi in nature, as it reflects an internal state which matches the female physical body, though the internal doesn't always match the external. This is also why gay men that enjoy being passive practice it, but women or men who enjoy being the active partner do not. For a woman on the Ida path, her whole path revolves around seducing the best yang source and settling for nothing less. For a man however, he must be cautious with any yin force such as alcohol, ghosts, demons, or women; one is either a master or a slave to them. Many of the parables in the Bible which warn men from hanging around strange or seductive women are attempting to warn them of falling prey to having all of their knowledge and intelligence absorbed out of them by a woman who is more powerful, which then not only halts their spiritual development, but also causes the total assimilation of their individuality (yang) into her being. A woman who is beautiful became that way by her ability to conquer yang forces through softness. "What is soft and hollow overcomes the hard and the strong". A man, when he tries to become spiritual and read or study scriptures or occult books, is attempting to gather solar, yang energy, which is intelligence and vitality itself. When he does this, many female beings come and try to get him to contemplate them or even to pleasure him in order to obtain this light because of their lunar nature. Where a man's mind goes, so too does his yang energy and vitality go. A woman who comes to test a man in this way is known as Kundry in the Western tradition, and her function is to attempt to absorb all of the man's energy if he allows her to do so, and drag him into the mud of the earth to be consumed in the inferno of the yoni. This is why to meet a Bhairavi (female adept) hanging around a temple in Khamakaya (or even at the local coffee shop) for a male spiritual seeker can be either the best or worst thing that ever happens to him. If he succeeds in proving himself worthy of being her consort, he will have everything. If she masters him, he increases her beauty and power but loses everything. This is why Bhairavis are said to look extremely young for their age and possess immense knowledge, both from being much older than they look and from having conquered so many men. There are female adepts with many male servants, and this is why older Goddesses like Inanna or Chandi always have aspects in their myths about subjugating and humiliating men who were unable to conquer them sexually. In the South Indian tradition, Mahiasura was said to be attempting to be a sexual consort to Chandi who failed and was humiliated and eaten by her for his attempt. This is why the role of the Goddess being either beautiful or terrifying are really two sides of the same coin.


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Hairy Monkey
Hairy Monkey
27 de fev. de 2020

May I learn the name of the goddess, please? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the internet.

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