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Vishaka & Energized Enthusiasm

Post from my instagram @claire.nakti in September of 2017

Entering Vishaka Moon 🌙⛩🌺today, and wanted to talk about the fiery passions of Vishaka and the power of "energized enthusiasm", which this nakshatra rules. Energized Enthusiasm is the power of stirring up our passions with wine, women, and song or other aids in order that the energy and tension raised can be devoted to accomplishing creative projects or whatever else we want it to go towards. If we want to generate and stir this current of shakti, we must churn our nervous system (which takes immense willpower) in order to avoid releasing the energy involuntarily in some way. Vishaka is associated with Agni in the body and so the Manipura center and the fire element in general. When we stir our passions, this center becomes very active and flaming hot, which can be both helpful and harmful depending on how we respond to it. Consider this section written in the Kama Sutra in which Vatsayana outlines 10 stages of passion. He states: "Having glimpsed the woman, he feels a burning desire to unite with her. His passion then grows and he tries ceaselessly to see her again. No being able to implement his desire, it becomes a fixation. From this fixation arises the will to find the means of obtaining her, which becomes an obsession. He loses his sleep, not sleeping he gets thinner. He loses interest in everything. Being wholly preocupied he ends up by burning with fever. Losing all sense of propriety and all fear, he goes mad. He has fainting fits and having ruined his health, he ends by dying. Such are the stages of a passion that commence with a single glance." Vishaka has to do with all of these matters, both in a positive sense and a negative sense. It is all how we use the passion, which can be used to strengthen our will and resolve to accomplish truly herculean efforts. I am reminded of a certain Chinese man known to me who started training much later than a man who had become a master of an internal martial art, and who caught up to him in skill in almost half the time from tapping into his Ketu, which was in Vishaka nakshatra. This man was motivated by an obsessive revenge but I mention it because it goes to show the power and obsession of this Nakshatra, and what can be achieved through using its method of intense stirring and denying the passions in order to catapult oneself into incredible heights of discipline and power. The obsessive desires of this Nakshatra can give them extreme willpower and resolve to deny themselves everything in order to achieve their desires. This is why it is similar to Jyestha nakshatra, who also shares an association with Indra, who is a very passionate God that rules the senses but channels his passion into power. Many artists or creative geniuses enter into states of extreme creativity through the inspiration and feverish passion generated from a kind of obsession with a female muse that is denied to them, which gives them their ability to feverishly work, denying themselves sleep and food due to the intensely churned nervous system they work themselves up into. This is why when a Vishaka person achieves something, even if it took them 85 years, as soon as they attain it they act as if it is nothing and set their eye on something higher and more unattainable. In the exact same way that Radha pursued Krishna, they relentlessly and single-mindedly fixate on an idea or passion for as long as it takes them to achieve it. In a negative sense, this can lead to a perpetually unsatisfiable nature, but, in a positive sense, this can make a person constantly improving and very productive. Through certain sexual practices explained in Tantra, we can learn to work ourselves up through the methods originating in this sign, in order to create our own personal spiritual aims. Tantra is all about power and sex, and sexuality is a huge display of power. Vishaka shows us how to generate power through using our senses. Vishaka loves the passion stirring nature of alcoholic drinks; this nakshatra uses them to lose their inhibitions and churn themselves into inspired states, which is also why this sign is so drawn to playing music or going to concerts and experiencing the churning of their energy up to extreme levels.

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Tomas Santos
Tomas Santos
Apr 03, 2021

My moon is in Vishakha. This was a beautiful read.

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