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🌹This Astrological Placement Needs True Love's Kiss

New full astrological deep dive on my Youtube channel! Today, I’m exposing the mysterious astrological secrets of the "Beast" or "Ugly"-curse in astrology and the cosmic need for "True Love's Kiss". Throughout the centuries, natives of this one key nakshatra have been contemplating the idea of cultivating such immense inner beauty that they win love despite their aversive/"cursed" outer form. They make art showing a defined, dark fall from beauty to ugliness, from popularity to ostracization, & from lavish parties to dark and shadowy rooms. But, there is also a growing light in the darkness, as they climb from selfishness to selflessness and from cruelty to kindness and slowly move towards renewal & repentance-- making things "good again".

Click here to see the new video:


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