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🥀The Transmutation of Jealousy into Beauty🌹

"The Girlfriends", Gustav Klimt

The internal negativity that women hold towards each other is one of the most incessant obstacles for progress on the feminine spiritual path. The inherent essence of jealousy is an egoic, fear-based response where we seek to sever & divide ourselves from "the muse" which relates to Venus, that which has the potential to inspire us, activate our senses, and churn our passion. In China, it was said that while males frequently interacting together in friendships, etc. tends to reduce their yang, individualistic nature, females interacting harmoniously (even in a sexual manner) could only increase the "juice" all together, and therefore result in greater beauty (due to the feminine, yin, watery nature-- adding water to water). Perhaps you have felt the quiet & calm rush over your mind when staring into the face of a beautiful woman- when you don't allow the jealous, self-preserving ego to intrude-- where your subconscious is striving to understand how to "capture" some of that beauty for yourself. This is actually the same process that is required for successful Goddess worship. Goddesses are much more beautiful than human beings, for example, but rather than hate or become jealous of them (which would divide us from them) we worship them and work to emulate the beauty ourselves, and so gradually become more beautiful, until we merge with her completely. The more beauty you immerse yourself in, the more your own etheric shell begins to take on the shape of beauty. This is why it is often said what you contemplate or worship, you become. A big part of understanding Shri Vidya is that beauty is equal to truth; that which is beautiful is aligned with harmony, rather than chaos or disorder. The more we allow beauty into our lives (rather than shut it out with jealousy, which has no benefit whatsoever), the more we embody harmony & beauty.

We should always strive to bring ourselves closer to beauty, not to negate or disempower it. Whenever we see beauty— be it in art, a woman, architecture, etc. we should revere it (like laying a flower at its feet cosmically). We should move towards that which awes and inspires us, transmuting dark jealousy into the true, underlying emotion of admiration, which becomes inspiration to move forward. Part of the sensuous female path is to cultivate a devotional mindset towards beauty in all of its manifestations. To be inspired by something is an essential part of existence, because there is always room for ourselves to improve and align more with symmetry & harmony. In Sanskrit, when you have a vision of a Goddess (or God), it is called Darshan-- which occurs when you have pleased the deity to a certain extent, through a certain amount of repetitions of mantra, etc. and is helped by having a strong fire element (relating to the power of vision & and removing impurities in your perception, in order to see the truth). Seeing a Goddess in all her glory is a shockingly beautiful experience that makes you realize that all earthly beautiful women are fragments of this profound harmony. Your mind rushes to compare her to any Earthly woman you've seen-- but instead she seems to glisten like a diamond catching light with its many faces, flickering with all of the beautiful qualities of every woman you've ever admired, all at once. Rejecting her fragments through the women around you is to reject her from appearing to you, from inspiring you, from blessing you, and from ever dwelling within you.


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