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The Occult Initiation through Nakshatras

Although it is not well understood, each Nakshatra represents a particular spiritual stage and level of initiation. Initiation is essentially one's level of awareness and deals with the 8th house because the 8th house is everything we are unaware of and which remains hidden from view. It is said the knowledge is power and this is very true, of course, but it may be more accurate to say that "awareness" is power, as the more aware we are of aspects of the hidden world, the more power we have over ourselves and others. This is why book knowledge does not bring power on its own, and must be tempered with experience. There are many illiterate occult masters for example. We can think of the nakshatras as layers of an onion, and depending on our amount of personal power to break through the initiatory barriers, we have greater or lesser initiatory knowledge than another person. Mastering Magha, for example, gives one the ability to leave one's body at will. Contrary to popular belief, true knowledge-- occult (hidden) knowledge-- is always protected by powerful and dangerous guardians who destroy the unworthy, and which extract a price of those who wish to obtain it. We win our occult prizes through succeeding at trials and tribulations, which are a threat to us based on our limited awareness. Before we are threatened by a hostile spirit, for example, and overcome the threat, we always run the risk of being overcome by one due to our limited knowledge of what a spirit is or how a spirit can attack, and what the consequences of falling to one really are. In this way, the dangers of the Occult all involve the experience if encountering things that we do not have full awareness of, and which threaten to destroy us. This is why we emphasize that it is fine to worship a guru and depend on him if we only want religious knowledge, but if we want Occult knowledge (which is "undefiled" and therefore is able to remain pure and unknown to those who are impure and unworthy of knowing it), we must have certain "virile" and domineering traits and never give up our will to anyone or anything.

Practicing occult arts is not for those who want to depend on another person or who wish for others to take care of them, or do the work for them. A person who practices the Occult must have a "wild" or a "kill or be killed" mindset, because as soon as they set upon the path and begin cultivating energy, endless tests are drawn to the aspirant like moths to a flame, who attempt to extinguish their light to prove whether it is is a true light or a false one. In this way, we must have the attitude of a person on a safari or a big game hunter, knowing that as we walk through the jungle, a huge hidden predatory force may explode out of nowhere and consume us. To slip up when one is evoking a beautiful Yakshini, by being seduced by her, is to lose one's soul and be consumed by her. It was you who attempted to master her, and she had every right to attempt to master you instead. What we think of as the "Occult" is, as we have said before, a kind of "graduate school", and works off of a kind of hierarchy that is shown in the animal world in the sense that if we claim a degree of occult attainment, we must be able to defend ourselves through our sheer power, and not expect things to be nice to us. It is not egalitarian and does not have secular humanist ideas of morality. A lion is what he is because he maintains his dominance through his power, and this is how one's spiritual level works. When we, for example, "scry" the nakshatra the moon is in currently, we can obtain as much knowledge of that nakshatra as we have access to, based on our initiatory level. By embarking on the path of Initiation, we obtain all the secrets of the Universe we could ever want, as nothing pleases God more than those who wish to have the knowledge of his creation. Those who learn how to drink from this well of knowledge will find that it always fills them to their limit and is never exhausted, as the Universe is a source of endless secrets as its Maya is truly limitless. In the name of the lord of Initiation, Amen.

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