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The Muse for Genius, or the Siren of Destruction

"Women are divine, women are life, women are truły jewels. 💎 Always have intercourse with a woman and meditate... That which has been revealed to you is the whole essence hidden in all tantra." -Yoni Tantra

In popular culture, we find the cartoonish representation of "Genies" as being a figure bound to a lamp, which grants wishes. This tends to come from different Middle Eastern legends and folklore surrounding a particular class of spirit known as Djinn, which is where that anglicized "genie" comes from. These spirits are said to be much larger, stronger, and more powerful than human beings and have their own culture, villages, hierarchies, and personal religious beliefs. They are not simply good or evil and can even fall in love with & marry human beings, and wedding ceremonies between humans and djinn have been performed. In pre-Islamic Arab Bedouin culture, it was common to state that poems or songs were given to an individual by a personal Djinni muse, and this relates to why our idea of the word "genius" stems from inspiration given to human beings by these spirits who inhabit a different world and who possesses their own unique insights and powers that can be used and harnessed by individuals who interact with them in a positive way.  The image of a Djinni coming out of a lamp has sexual overtones, in the sense that the lamp is often "rubbed" in a way that mimics male masturbation and then a genie appears through the spout and asks what the individual wants. These spirits which are composed of a subtle form of fire, are extremely voracious in a sexual sense and have the ability to change their shape and also to exert a powerful influence over the material world in a way that more ethereal, celestial, or angelic beings are unable to do. This relates to the overall muse function described by pre-Islamic culture surrounding these beings, as well as the western concept of "Genius", which is understood to be sexual in nature and a product of one's sexual impulse.

In Exoteric religion, the woman is covered and duality is present. There is a false distinction made between pure and impure for the weak who fly into rage or debauchery at the sight of the female form. In Esoteric religion, all illusions are removed and the female form is displayed openly and naked in order to purify those who are enmeshed in dualism and who experience impure thoughts about women-- and to act as inspiration and muse for virile men or women who are comfortable with embracing their own sexuality. To the weak person, there is no greater evil than a woman they find attractive, but to the strong or beautiful person there, is no greater joy than enjoying your own body or the body of someone you find attractive. While I have a myriad of articles about how impure people hate the female body and form due to their own uncontrolled reaction to it, it is worth mentioning about the grave consequences that befall those who disrespect or harm the cosmic woman embodied in all women. In Yoruba culture for example, it is said that a man who beats, censures, or attempts to harm or control a woman can be killed instantly by the Goddess Oshun, who, while being a woman, is considered the most powerful Orisha and the only one who can take a person's life before their predetermined time. In scriptures like the Mantra Mahodadhi, it explains that if a man wants to have the favor of the goddess Kali, he must refrain from ever harming, beating, or censuring a woman in any way or form, and it is worth noting that she is the Goddess of Maran Karma, which is the magical act of causing death. It is clear that the act of a man harming or abusing a woman is a most inauspicious omen. In general, a woman can function as a muse, guide, wife, recreational sex partner, or any other positive thing that the man wishes, as women are mirrors and respond to a man's deepest inner desires and projections, depending on his level of worth. She can also function as his destroyer, his temptress, his tormenter, or his ruin, due to his inability to control his own self, so he blames her for all his inadequacies and shortcomings, and failure to obtain sexual partners or success in life that he desires. In general, abuse of women in all of its forms tends to come from a failure for the man to obtain what he desires, and when he looks into her body, which is a mirror, and views his own distorted and ugly form staring back, it makes him lash out at the woman who has put him to shame.

The main reason why it is told to men who would embark on the Tantric esoteric path to refrain from disrespecting women, is that women are understood to be living embodiments of the Goddess on earth, and as such possess a greater portion of her than a stone or metal image ever can. She undeniably has the power to churn an ocean of emotions and impulses in just one instant-- that only increases as she embraces her power, expresses her sexuality, and embraces adornment. This is a major part of what makes a practice "Tantric" as opposed to dualistic or esoteric, being that we worship our own bodies as the Goddess through the practice of Nyasa, rather than an external image-- because Tantra requires that a person remove any idea of duality or separation in our consciousness. In childlike exoteric religion, the bafoon bows down to inanimate objects or to a false non-existent God for comfort, but in Tantra we learn that there is no God but man and no Goddess but woman-- and that the Gods and Goddesses are made in human image and not the other way around, and take full self-responsibility. This is also why in Yoruba myths it is stated that "the ancestors gave birth to the gods" and this is meant to implicate that human beings create Gods and Goddesses, and that they are personifications of inhuman forces & projections of the human mind.

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