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The Feminine Arts: Diminished

“Among all illusions,
Only the illusion of a woman is praised.
Whoever would transgress against her
Will not attain accomplishment.”
-Caṇḍa­mahā­roṣaṇa Tantra

A timeless passage & initiation into adulthood and respectability for women was a grasp of and command over the feminine arts. These arts spring up from within women, are passed on by women, taught by women, and are forever nestled within the feminine collective heart. In our modern culture, however, her cultural passage into respectability and seriousness (in either material or spiritual circles) is, in many ways, her rejection or separation from her femininity. Vast ideologies spread across our culture make sure to “empower” a woman out of her own childhood passions; to “free” her from her own innate loves; to “strengthen” her out of what comes naturally to her. They rewrite her ancient fairytales and folk stories (changing the secret formulas & messages contained within them relating to her personal receptive power & path) and make sure to “bless” the female character with an appropriate amount of masculine virtues. In turn, feminine interests become something of an “indulgence” or a secret that she holds. If and when she admits to her feminine passions, she often does so self-deprecatingly to communicate her acknowledgement of the “frivolity” of such things. Bringing feminine energy & interests into a place that’s been blocked from it in the past seems akin to “desecrating” that subject or field in the reactions it stirs. Instead, she must access masculinity within herself to function in the world. If she displays her femininity, she is simultaneously reduced down *only* to it, by those who get so agitated & mentally-consumed by the feminine that they become blind to anything else she does, contributes, or communicates. Yet, paradoxically, she also finds that when she abandons her feminine power all together and aligns with the “good” masculine characteristics people encourage of her, she’s left feeling powerless and ignored. The same people who urged her transformation leave her alone now and move on to fixate on other women daring to enjoy who they are.

The source of this confusion is, inherently, how men treat & belittle feminine subject areas, and why they do so. When women shame women in the same way, it was due to the shame she had herself integrated— the feminine actions she’d heard others demean versus the masculine ones she’d seen people respect. Women are the principle of Maya, of Earth, the “perceived”, and the illusion of this matrix. Due to that, they (as proven in evolutionary research) notice an immense amount of subtle, specific details that most men do not. He does not tend to see and remember the details you note in your environment & in your home, in social interactions and facial expressions, and so on. You are aptly attuned to Maya, as her conduit. At the same time, he does not see the intricate details in YOU as her embodiment & personification either; he simply did not evolve to discern or discriminate about the things that you evolved for. You then tend to assess & acknowledge power even in other women more astutely than he can. Therefore, the detail-oriented feminine arts appear silly and simple to him (a sort of Dunning-Kruger effect), and fascinating and complex to you. So, many women since their youth feel undeniably drawn to cultivating these “frivolous” & “superficial” arts that, confusingly, to her seem powerful enough to move mountains. The feminine arts, like Ashlesha nakshatra (the root of the feminine), utilize the “taming power of the small”. They find their power-beginnings sliding like a snake, with the belly and heart right against the Earth. This is the quiet, subtle manipulation & attention to the “micro”, which has the potential to overthrow even that which is most physically strong. In that sense, the feminine arts are diminished by the very same people who are falling prey to them. The same reason he laughs at its frivolity or remarks at its unholiness (while extolling his own “seriousness”) is, ironically, why he remains under Maya’s power. The less he knows about & acknowledges the sanctity & complexity of her illusory purpose, the more he degrades femininity, the more he simplifies women and denigrates them, the more then he falls under her. Through his lack of awareness, he remains trapped.

The spiritual aspirant’s association with women, as always, reflects in his association with the Grand Illusion as a whole. Caṇḍa­mahā­roṣaṇa Tantra also states: “Why do the early disciples and others slander and belittle women? The lord answers: That is common to early disciples who live in the realm of desire, not knowing the path of liberation that relies on women and bestows everything.” The initial urge for many on the spiritual path is to leave the feminine behind (whether they realize that is what they are doing or not; usually not). They seek to overcome Maya through simply renouncing her and abandoning women, her personifications. They may say, for example, they’re only interacting with their inner woman. In the modern world, the new outlet for this is perhaps even more in certain political circles (like MGTOW) than in spiritual ones. A prominent conservative figure even said that women are so degenerate & debauched that the only way to be “straight” nowadays is to not be with women, and to have special bonds only with men. In this sense, many seem to think the way to win back control over women is through scorning and neglecting anything related to her sensual expression. Tantric texts such as this one explain that there is “no greater deception and delusion” than this approach. Maya is not transcended or conquered through ignoring the feminine, belittling it, scoffing at it, systematically shaming it, or abandoning it.

Women: do not integrate into yourself the false guidance, criticisms, and corrupt vision of individuals who view reality in this way. Trust your unique understanding of what YOUR power is & where it lies. If you hold on to what comes naturally to you, you embrace what exactly excites you and gets your juices flowing, and you enjoy it shamelessly… whirlwinds of men and women will diminish you, demonize you, try to control you, find every fault in you, and all the while being hopelessly, ridiculously, and endlessly captivated by you. Embrace whatever “silly” subject you love, “frivolous” perspectives you bring to an area, or feminine touches you leave fingerprinted on the people and places around you. The Goddess will smile when you enrich your physical and intellectual environments with the enticing charge of beauty and life, as her Matrix relies on your sensual perspective and the preferences she instills in you. She implores you to stand tall, holding your beloved stimulating weapon of illusion, with which you have the most delicious and joyful relationship. Never let those whirlwinds of the shamed & ignorant loosen your grip on your sacred power, and never let them move your feet from your cosmic place. It's a fragrant lotus pedestal of absolute honor, and not the lowly abode they pretend it is.

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