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The Female Conquers All in Silence

“It is as with the female, that conquers the male with her Silence. Silence is a form of gravity.”

-From Crowley's translation of the Tao Te Ching ... The projections we cast onto the world around us are, in essence, each and every internal element of ourselves of which we are unaware. The individual who never looks inward only thinks he is looking outward and perceiving reality, but is literally only seeing a huge casted shadow of the unknown egoic hang-ups, errors, and disturbances of his internal self (which relates to the "Shadow" in Jungian psychology, and Rahu, the shadow planet North Node in Vedic Astrology, eclipsing the Sun [soul] with the bodiless ego). These projections actually form what is known as "Maya" (illusion), and when we penetrate to the true core of our internal Universe and find its connection to the Universal fountain of truth, we also dissolve Maya's external hold over us & remove her veil from our eyes. At that point, reality becomes vividly clear and expression of all the things we fear (sexuality, severity, etc.) can flow in accordance with truth. There is no longer any question what our true will is and what is in accordance with our nature; our libido naturally powers us towards pursuit of our destiny. There is no hesitance in embracing the harsher elements of ourselves and asserting severity (because one can clearly see what is good or bad, Universal truth or error). 

Because these projections are Maya's hold over us, and the female is the personification of Maya embodied, the female body & one's reaction to it tends to be the most powerful singular glyph in all of reality to measure the size of one's shadow-- and either consume him or her with it (sucking them into darkness), or force him or her to face their true nature and bring light to the errors.  For example, the more one uncontrollably lusts after the female body and tries to force it to "cover up" to save himself from his own uncontrolled nature, the larger personal Shadow he is casting over her, and the more he is in agony from unknowingly seeing his own impurity & animalistic, powerless nature reflected back. The more uncontrollably one feels hatred for the female body, calling a sexually-expressive woman a "whore", the more they are chastising and demonizing the feminine principle or Shakti within themselves-- she who is crying, abused, beaten, and chained internally, called evil and severed from his higher energetic centers (and so he wishes for nothing more than to see a sexual woman treated this way externally, shamed and demonized, and destroys all chance of ever connecting his higher and lower centers in union). It is the same with a woman who envies another woman's sexual expression, simply because her internal feminine principle is starved and abused or has been shamed into repression in the past. Therefore, the feminine principle & female body, simply in being perceived-- in total silence and stillness-- can conquer someone in totality, drowning the clarity of each of their senses into ignorance & darkness one-by-one... or, can be the inspiring force that forces one to "wake up" to their error and journey onto the path of truth & light.

My Female Path Course (for embracing the power of the feminine in both its nourishing & destructive manifestations):

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