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The 8th House & Sex Work

Graph of Sex Workers in Astrology

In an effort to better understand sex through astrology, I conducted a study of 282 women and men working in the sex industry, specifically focusing on prostitutes (177) and porn stars (105) mainly engaged in penetrative acts for financial purposes.

The 8th house was the top placement for Mercury (the most mathematically important house/ bhava placement in the survey, with 40 individuals overall) as well as was the top House for both Venus and Moon. The 8th house traditionally rules the external sexual organs/genitals and anus amongst the body parts. It is called रन्ध्र भव Randhra Bhava, meaning hole, aperture, slit, or vulva. Mercury is the traditional karaka of House 10, the house of career and profession. Mercury indicates your skills and the profession-subjects through which you can obtain a title, rewards, and money (through career). Venus also indicates the ability to obtain wealth, but through exchange and contracts, & it shows your area of passion. Both of the rajaistic (action-oriented) planets being top here shows a lot of material-world activity being centered on 8th house subjects and body parts. Moon in the 8th house pulls your mind/sensorium into preoccupation with the 8th house realm, often also indicating a type of comfort or familiarity with the energies here (being enmeshed and interested in them).

Another House was also prominent, but for a different reason. I explore this on my patreon (Jyeshta+ tier). There, I also touch on one key nakshatra that took the most important statistical factor for Ketu, and was also the top nakshatra for Mars, Venus, and the Ascendant.

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