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Spiritual Use of Tobacco: The Plant of the Scarlet Woman

🍃" means of the Universal Solvent all things are brought back to their Ens Primum, and retain their native virtues; whence great and unlimited powers may be obtained. And plainer still; This liquor only, can dissolve all solids into their first matter, without any diminution or alteration in itself.", 🔴 A New Method Of Chemistry" by Herman Boerhaave, 1753 

I previously wrote an article about the spiritual use of basil and its function in defeating the evil eye, and it seemed to catch people's interest strongly at that time. Today I want to explore the spiritual essence relating to tobacco. Tobacco is perhaps the most powerful spiritual plant that exists on earth in the most general sense, outside of particular problems or issues that a person might have. French anthropologist Philippe Descola, in his study of Amazonian healing plants, observed that it was used to treat every illness by the Achuar people, and that although the medicinal uses of other plants were well known, that it was the primary healing plant par excellence. This plant is also said to be used by certain Amazonian Shamans to become vampiric & drink the blood of human beings while they sleep, and the nature of the plant facilitates the development and perfection of this ability in general. In the Amazon, it is not the common Nicotiana Tobaccum that is used, but the much stronger Nicotiana Rustica. It is not only smoked, as we do in the form of cigarettes or cigars, but is also used in its raw state as well as boiling the leaves of the plant into a thick syrup and "drinking" it through the nose. The experienced meditator or spiritual practitioner will tap into the understanding that this plant is actually a potent aid for inducing visionary trance, as well as correcting elemental or spiritual imbalances-- but that if a person uses it recreationally instead of ceremonially, the benefits diminish considerably or are not present at all.

In both Amazonian and Tibetan culture, Tobacco is likened to being identical to menstrual blood in spiritual quality and function. In this sense, it is to be understood to being spiritually connected to the "universal menstruum" of the alchemists, and said to be "dissolving and corrosive" spiritually. When I was very young, I participated a lot in "Misa Espirituals" or spiritual seances, which are a unique from of seances that have many Afrocuban elements despite evolving from the European form created by medium Alan Kardec. In this spiritual practice, tobacco in the form of cigars is used heavily-- the smoke filling the room helps participants tap into the subtle sight needed to diagnose physical or spiritual illnesses, and discover the physical and spiritual origin of whatever problem a person is facing. In general, because of the dissolving and disintegrating quality of tobacco, repeated spiritual uses helps facilitate the destruction and dissolution of your individual human personality. The tobacco master can obtain a crystal clear vision from even second hand proximity to the smoke of the plant, due to the strong connection he develops with the "spirit" or "Goddess" ruling over this plant. It can also be understood that, due its relation to the Universal Menstruum, it also facilitates the development and perfection of intuition or "understanding" when used properly. In this case, it is helpful for individuals under the negative influences of Saturn and Ketu, who require the strong dissolving quality of this or other pungent plants in order to break up the inert and tamasic quality present from these planets. This enlivening quality is also why it is said to be stimulating to the spirits of the human dead, who are also tamasic and inert in nature-- and thus why I've spoken frequently before about the way that natives of Magha Nakshatra fixate on this plant strongly, as it is particularly healing for them (being ruled by the dead ancestors & under the heavy tamas of Ketu). The ability of this planet to remove the heavy dark qualities that bind a person to earthbound consciousness are what make it so conductive to developing astral senses and perception.

It has also been said that many prostitutes will use tobacco to draw trade to a whorehouse, along with and in combination with other substances that make men docile, meek, and subservient, in order to stimulate business and interaction with male clients in a safe but profitable way. In general, it facilitates movement, expression, and discharging masculine qualities, and so is especially connected to the Scarlet Woman who reflects the qualities of potency, as the spiritual function of the Universal Menstruum herself-- just as Tobacco does, but in human rather than plant form. Through encountering a Scarlet Woman, a person is dissolved and disintegrated back into their original primeval nature. This is why the formula of the scarlet woman is: "To all impressions thus. Let them not overcome thee; yet let them breed within thee. The least of the impressions, come to its perfections is Pan. Receive a thousand lovers; thou shalt bear but One Child." She is open to everyone & everything, but doesn't yield to anything but the divine. This is also what an individual is attempting to do through mediation, and this is why a sexual encounter with an authentic female Adept is what many people need in order to "transcend themselves". While the overall mysteries of the sacred whore are much more complex than can be explained in this small article, contemplating and integrating yourself with the vibrations of the tobacco plant can be a powerful starting point to gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual purpose and function of the sacred prostitute, and why she is linked to the "universal solvent or menstruum" in alchemy.

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