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Magha, Ketu, & The Ancestors

From an old article on my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti:

Moon is just about to leave Magha and before it does take a little time to get back in touch with your male ancestors. The male ancestors, or "Pitras" in sanskrit, are the deities of this Nakshatra. The male ancestors of one's family are responsible for giving us life and our biological and physical foundation. When the moon is in Magha it is especially helpful to offer prayers from one's birth religion to them. One can also offer the specific ancestor's favorite food, drink, or intoxicants as well. In our day and age most individuals leave their birth religion, letting themselves be overcome by Rahu and believing that somehow their religion is evil and another is right. I am sure many people reading this will become quite upset, but I must say that no Occult mastery can be obtained by an individual who does not pay his respects to his ancestors and the tradition of his family, despite what they think of it intellectually. Smoky Ketu rules this Nakshatra, giving its natives an affinity for withdrawing from their senses and working with the spirits of the dead in the form of Necromancy. Spirits of the dead have a very unique ability to help in matters of health and finance. In Magha, we learn to carry the weight of our familial karmas and begin practicing our birth religion as an adult now (in the stage of overall spiritual development), and with reverence. The Cigar is a symbol that pops up a lot in visions of this Nakshatra. There are many reasons for this symbolism: cigars being phallic in nature, smoky like Ketu, the affinity shared between spirits of the dead and tobacco, as well as the fact that many older men, especially, enjoy smoking cigars recreationally. The Haitian personification of the collective male ancestors is known as Papa Gede, and he has great affinity for cigars. It is said in Lukumi-- an Afrocuban religion-- "the ancestors give birth to the Orisha (deities)". However, this idea of the Gods as being deified ancestors is not unique to them, and it is common around the world. A person will never succeed in life if they disregard their ancestors, and doing so actually opens oneself up to grave misfortunes and accidents. Praying once a week to one's ancestors creates a smoother life experience and increases one's spiritual protection, finances, and even spiritual faculties. For Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this Nakshatra has a strong affinity for Abraham, the Patriarch of these religions, and according to Ibn Arabi, Magha corresponds to the "abode of Ibrahim or Abraham". It corresponds to the letter Ya, which is the most frequently occurring letter in the Jewish Torah, and represents the spermatozoon in Hermeticism.

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