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Shravana & the Spiritual Thesis

From May of 2017 on my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti

Moon 🌙 is soon entering Shravana. Shravana is an auspicious Nakshatra ruled by the moon. It is symbolized by the ear and is very fond of astrology. Shravana, being the final Nakshatra ruled by the moon, reveals the moons real purpose, which is placing the control of one's senses under the control of God or one's higher nature. This sign lies opposed to the moons own sign of cancer and yet is the perfection of the moon, as its only defect was its extreme receptivity and easily influenceable nature. In Shravana Nakshatra, we reach a certain spiritual stage where we only allow the correct influences into our sensorium, which shows the moon becoming mature. This is why Shravana moon natives often become extremely devotional towards a particular idea or person and totally shut themselves off from others. It symbolizes a point of extreme independence where a person begins establishing the necessary connection with their intuition in order to perform disciplines like astrology m, which require it without error. We can say that when we reach this stage of our development, we are prepping and learning to forge a connection between our Mulhadara Center with our Ajna Chakra, and learning to discern and observe the light emanating from it. This is the light which, when they complete the work required, they will radiate to the world and others. It is our personal star and the crown of the Adepts which is created when Kunalini establishes a connection with this center. From all the wisdom and knowledge we have accrued, a thesis issues forth... a kind of spiritual thesis or unique contribution to the spiritual world that we will later give to the world for the benefit that this will bring to others, as well as proof of our attainment. We are getting ready to begin channeling our own unique melody and marching to our own unique rhythm. Shravana is where we learn how to be pure and reflect our own light, which begins to occur on the deepest level of our being in Dhanistha, the following Nakshatra.

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