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Purva Phalguni & the Pleasure of Love

From an old article on my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti

The moon 🌙 is currently in Purva Phalguni-- mid-Leo ♌️. Purva Phalguni is the Nakshatra that causes one to desire the "best portions" of life. Take time to enjoy wine 🍷, fruits 🍒, luxurious incenses, art, perfumes, and intimacy. Purva Phalguni, the second Venus-ruled nakshatra, is intimately associated with marriage. It is the nakshatra of conjugal bliss and the sexual pleasures of the bedroom. This Nakshatra's energies can be worked with for those who desire an earlier marriage or marital happiness. It is the nakshatra of the phallus, which is solar in nature, radiating life from generation to generation. Purva Phalguni has to do with 5th house activities and enjoyments, which can seem shallow on a surface level-- such as celebrity following, acting, and playful sexual acts. There is also a very occult side to this nakshatra, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows that all religion itself is solar/phallic in nature. The Phallus is the great giver, which takes nothing and gives everything, just like Lord Shiva. The fifth house has to do with talismans, yantras, children, and objects of devotion, such as religious images or statues that one then fills with energy. Anything that one shapes with care and feeds with one's devotional energy becomes a talisman. The children, spiritual students, and the playful sexual enjoyments one enjoys with one's partner are all found here in Purva Phalguni. Outwardly, these natives act like the reclining lion on the savannah, desiring only to breed and relax, which is why this sign is associated with relaxation and the bedroom. It enjoys sex the most frequently out of all the Nakshatras-- which is why the sexual animal is the rat-- and it requires the tamasic, stable nature of Magha to satisfy its incredible desire to worship sexually. Purva Phalguni natives may seem selfish to others around them, as when they obtain the partner they desire, they often become very anti-social towards everyone but him or her, and pour all of their love and devotion into that person. They are the natives who collect photographs of their partner, love buying outfits or lingerie for their partner, dressing them up, showing them off, and enjoying them. This is true for both men and women with this placement. It is a sign of great Solar individuality, yet also of merging of oneself into the beloved, and so partakes of both mysteries in one. As with all nakshatras, it contains a paradox: for in Purva Phalguni we learn that true individuality and self-actualization/ individuation can only be obtained when we dissolve ourselves and egos into the beloved. The best activity for this moon is worshipping one's favorite deity passionately, either in the form of a yantra or devotional image, or as one's sexual partner.

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Apr 04, 2021

100% true.. My moon sign in Leo purva phalguni

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