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On the Body-Oriented, Physical Nature of the Female Path🔥

For a woman, becoming a Bhairavi— a fearless practitioner of tantra— is a task requiring the bravery to embrace of her own body in all of its destructive qualities, and for this reason the female path is highly physical (which relates to how the Goddess Bhairavi in particular is said to heal the Ascendant). There is no question, despite what we want to believe or tell ourselves, that gazing on the female form does not cause calm or sweet feelings for almost anyone perceiving it (other than an adept who has fully purified his internal imperfections that he projects onto her). It is the shape that immediately sparks internal heat— lust, jealousy, frantic striving to control, even violent urges— to flicker from within us and begin burning us from the inside, causing upheaval for our ego, or disorderly and dispersive expressions of our uncontrolled sexual energy, which cause painful transformation for good or for bad. Thus why her shape is the primary subject of arts throughout all of time due to the intense internal reaction it causes and its immense ability to fixate all attention, yet it is something that has been hastily and forcefully covered, and correlated with the principle of punishment in almost all cultures: Bharani nakshatra, which is symbolized by the Yoni, is ruled by Yama, the God of Punishment. Zeus punished humanity for accepting the gift of fire by creating the first woman, Pandora, who opened the previously orderly male-only world to chaos, suffering, and pain— and despite this myth being called misogynistic by many, it is an acknowledgement of her absolute power that doesn’t lie in physical strength, but in the monsters she coaxes out from within those who perceive her, simply in her “Being”.

And this mythical recognition of the “horror” of the feminine isn’t regarding power only in the sense of the seductive femme fatale, or a crafty woman manipulating the men around her, the sneaky and witty woman in black in films that most real women feel so far from, or imitating superficial male traits of aggression— but this is the power of the raw feminine, even and especially in all of its natural softness, innocence, and gentleness. It is the “soft and the hollow” aspect of women that become so horrifying to the male who truly understands its potential to overcome & absorb him completely in a moment of weakness. The female form, with its powerful ability to fascinate the mind, creates a kind of “involuntary worship” effect from those who cannot resist feeling negative or positive about it, as it drags the most extreme dualities from within us. Whatever we “think about” with powerful attention, we worship.

The feminine is so often in myth called “deceitful” (a nature said to be gifted to Pandora by Hermes), which is the higher understanding that it is by nature indirect, paradoxical, and playfully dances around truth so that through chasing her, you can find it (or she can lead you around in circles to your own destruction). Becoming fearless for a woman doesn’t require brave immersion and assertion into the “restrictive” yoni-like, heated forces of nature that men must face. For her it requires fearlessness regarding the opposite— not of entering restriction, but engaging in the the process of “opening” up. Embodying fearlessness in a Tantric sense for her means shamelessly embracing the flickering fires of her curves and the literal “hotness” of her sexual expression, opening the Pandora’s Box to create transformative upheaval in the world of men, removing the cover from the “mirror” she embodies that he placed there to obscure the weakness and monsters of his own reflection. The highly-physical element of the female function in sexual practices is understood in that when she is laid bare externally, his internal nature is laid bare in response; then, she as an embodiment of Mother nature can respond to who is truly pure & worthy, and vigorously virilize her consort. One of the best ways as a woman to increase “good” in the world is to be what the impure call “bad” (like the enchantress Mohini, a form of Vishnu who embraces all feminine power to become the Slayer of Demons)— to celebrate and embrace your feminine incarnation rather than run from it and hide it, and to express yourself and your sensuality in a way that is in accordance with truth. That is what destroys the true evil & burns away all the internal impurities and falsehoods that the forced veiling of the woman mercifully preserve.


My 1-year Female Path Course dives into these ideas in much more depth to help you apply them practically into your life & relationships, based on your personal Goddess type & astrological chart.

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