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Ketu- the Eye of the Heart

A large part of Occultism revolves around interior visualization and developing the interior eye or, as the Sufis call it, the "Ayn al qalb"-- the eye of the heart. Children, due to them being so freshly emergent from the dark void of the unmanifest, naturally have much more developed imaginations compared to adults. Due to Rahu's pull, we, throughout our life, project our consciousness more and more into matter, and then die feeling miserable because we did not cultivate our own self or attributes, and instead shot all of our life force into matter uncontrollably. This is why most true Occultists have at least a decade where they struggle to make even a cent of money, due to the influence of Ketu sucking all of the energy within them, creating immense poverty but deep knowledge. This is also why the height of Ketu among the Nakshatras is Mula, who is ruled by Nritti, who is often called Alakshmi. Nritti gives knowledge when we sit with her, but takes all of your wealth and even bodily health in the interaction, because she is adversarial to any external manifestation, being pure darkness. However, when we sit in the darkness of her being, we learn to discover our own light and develop true occult knowledge. Cultures with less material developments have greater Ketu influence and do not project as much of their consciousness into matter. This is why individuals strongly under Ketu will always leave social functions at strange times that seem rude to others, or constantly be smoking or drinking, almost totally unaware of their surroundings, seeking to return back to a state of retreat (whether through location or creating that mental state)... while Rahu people are keenly aware of all social exchanges and watch everything around them in great detail. All initiation rituals, as performed in different religions or occult groups, activate the Ketu in the birth chart, which is the root of a person's being and also rules our doorway to interior sight and visualization, which is why the "fire" of Ketu is very subtle and rules interior, as opposed to physical, sight. We need only close our physical eyes and and open our inner eye to see the truth of any situation directly-- Ketu rules the ability to cut right to the core of any situation instantly and reveal the essence. A person under the negative influence of Rahu will spend years begging for a spiritual master or guru to teach them secret mantras or formulas to achieve their aims in life. This is because they cannot conceive of gaining knowledge through their interior perception, which then allows them to influence the world externally, due to their consciousness being so enmeshed in the material world. If we receive a secret formula or secret mantra from someone else, we are forever enslaved to them for them enabling us in this regard, which is why a real teacher will only teach a person HOW to obtain knowledge and not create a dependency, and won't allow the student to worship them as superior in anyway. A real "teacher" mainly creates carefully orchestrated catastrophes in their student's life, which makes them go within and develop independence to leave the "teacher" as quickly as possible. This is because ultimately all attainment occurs from a person's own individual effort and unspoken realization alone, while any "attainments" transferred through shallow word alone remain only on the surface. People will always ask what their daemon looks like or what their deity is for performing deity yoga. The only person that can really know is yourself-- you simply have to go within and look at it. Concentrating deeply on this form-- talking to it, asking it questions, and even receiving its blessing leads to a person to liberation, as the process of gaining total control over this projection of your own mind allows you to realize that all of your external reality is a projection of your external mind, and this liberates you. Through forcefully projecting your energy into spirit (through Ketu) instead of matter (through Rahu) you then find that the energy poured there can then be used to control, contribute to, and fulfill your desires on the material plane as well. You can ask your Daemon for anything you want and it will be given to you and this is the highest realization. 


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