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Inhibitions Destroy Genius

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” -Nag Hammadi

Genius is essentially just a product of the sexual will flowing without blockages or obstacles, and so having the power and support to manifest fully, instead of being hidden in the darkness of fear and stagnation. One’s creativity is associated with the bright & Solar 5th house of Leo, which opposes the 11th house of one’s community. The person constantly shifting themselves to win the approval of the masses, or trying to have success simply by being promoted by others, often ends up looking and acting just like the masses themselves, becoming lost into the “common” and ordinary. The Yin/Lunar individual positions themselves unconsciously as a block of stone, ready to allow the masses to chip away at them and shape them into “normality”, and with each chip they allow the masses to take from them, they lose their own identity and potential. Going against the strong flow of the masses takes courage and fierce independence. The Solar person who ignores the masses, refuses to conform to their rules or tendencies, and instead strives towards uninhibited display of their own individuality, no matter what reaction it stirs in others, rises above the masses and actually ultimately wins their adoration and respect— due to the innately Lunar nature of the masses in general. In you not conforming to them, they eventually conform to you. To be creative one must be like the Sun, in that you radiate outwardly with no care as to who or what your rays fall upon— or what reaction they will have to your light. You simply act on your true will, without inhibition.

The thing about inhibitions, and why they are so detrimental to creativity & genius, is because they inherently are self-imposed. Most inhibitions arise from times in the past in which we allowed the mass-mindset to stifle us, during our upbringing, etc. and so we applied some false “rule” to ourselves in a moral or egoic sense that we believe we must hold ourselves to even though it is not a Universal truth or law. We then drain ourselves in anger and jealousy at those who do not hold this false restriction on themselves, as we try to force everyone else to submit to this falsehood as well. It is very easy to identify your inhibitions and your personal “taboos” that you must burn to transform. They are identifiable because it is an area of life that you deny yourself yet fixate on, and attack those who are fulfilled in that area. For example, there are plenty of things we allow others the freedom to have, but do not have ourselves; yet, because we know we COULD have it if we wanted to, we don’t mind— we just essentially don’t want it. And then there are those things that we COULD have, and we want to have, yet we don’t allow ourselves to have, and so we try to control those who allow themselves to have it. For example, Kylie Jenner didn’t like her lip size & could have spent her life in that state. She enhanced her lips, obliterated the masses attempts to shame her for just making the change, and then found major success. Some women who know they could have lip injections but simply don’t desire them, celebrate her doing what she wished to do. Meanwhile, thousands of women drain themselves writing huge hate comments in paragraph-format to and about her, because these women have imposed a false rule on themselves, “Lip injections are morally wrong”, “My family or friends will shame me & call me fake if I get them,” and so on— and so, because they apply this rule to themselves, they want to force external control on anyone who doesn’t see the point in this rule/inhibition. They want to “level the playing field” to match their own inhibitions, feeling frantic lack of control, “I am not allowed to have them, so essentially they shouldn’t exist in my reality around me either.”

This is often somewhat like my response to many girls in my female path course who ask, “Shouldn’t I hide my beauty so those around me don’t feel jealousy?” This is a common first impression to the female path material and come from a good-hearted place but it is a detrimental mindset to have. Amongst many other reasons this line of thinking is flawed, one major one is that inhibiting yourself in that way is a false structure that doesn't hold up in nature. Any powerful women around you does not inhibit herself in that way, but seeks to manifest her full potential; and if you choose to inhibit yourself this way, you will find that you end up— in trying to avoid being the cause of someone’s jealousy— being the one feeling jealousy, because you put a false rule on yourself that plenty of other women will not maintain in return.

This is also similar to the idea in Thelema (which Crowley said was a tradition under Leo, the natural 5th house) that each individual must break their biggest taboo/inhibition to achieve transcendence, and for Crowley that was engaging in a homosexual act. It is not everyone’s taboo to do so; many people are honest & express their sexuality in a genuine way in accordance with their will, and so allow other people to be gay, bi, etc. and feel no need to “control” the sexual expression of others. However, as it is often said, it is frequently those who hold the most anger towards homosexuality— wanting to punish, control, or harm those who practice it— who are holding some kind of inhibition about it; they “control” their desire to engage in it, and so want to punish those who do not restrict themselves. We will always be hung up, discharging anger and frantic instability towards those who act in accordance with their will when we sever ourselves from our own (especially when theirs is in some way aligned with ours, and so we especially envy them in seeing a mirror of our potential). This blocks & drains all of our potential “genius” into conforming to the ideas and restrictions that the masses place on us, and then, in turn, we try to assert those rules on those around us & are ourselves unfulfilled. Notice every moment you seek to control someone else, and, in that moment, see if you can find the reflection of your own inhibitions; they are the very things which are draining and stifling your genius from ever emerging.

One astrological consideration regarding inhibitions is that they often occur most in the area of your life in which your Rahu is placed, where your rational mind is frantically over-thinking something or making you feel that you have no connection or access to it. I talk more about this nature of Rahu in my video, "How Rahu Can Destroy You".

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