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How Men & Women Punish Femininity

This article was inspired by @clara___maria's recent question that was basically “how do people punish women other than telling them to cover up?”

Today was the last day of the Sun dwelling in Purva Phalguni nakshatra and so, after being saturated in its energies for weeks, I am noticing myself contemplating it a lot. It is an interesting nakshatra in mid-Leo, the natural 5th house of creativity & celebrity following, and is the second Venus-ruled nakshatra. This nakshatra teaches us something very essential about the nature of giving & creativity, being the nakshatra associated with the seductive aspect of the Penis/Lingam, the male sexual organ in myth, and sheds light on devoting oneself fully into the beloved. It is the Sun when he is in a mode of enjoyment and pleasure, the virile man looking to rest his eyes on beautiful forms and the inspiring elements of life and then overflow his abundant energy towards them. He is sitting in a kingly position of dominance, fulfillment, and power, and is willing to radiantly give appreciation and fulfillment to his feminine object of desire, his muse, the female who magnetizes him and draws him into loveplay. He gives endlessly with no care if he receives back, as do the rays of the Sun, and so this Nakshatra is a pinnacle of true masculinity— phallic, solar, abundant, creative, and radiant. This is something to be taught to those men of a lower vitality, and to women in general, who react negatively to the things that magnetize, attract, and inspire them. There is a common occurrence where an individual who feels short on energy wants to “punish” things of femininity that magnetize and absorb that energy. For men feeling pulled towards women, this manifests through constantly feeling the urge to subjugate women that they’re attracted to, “she was hott before but she’s old now”, “she’s got nice tits but her forehead is huge”, “she might be pretty but she’s probably completely dumb”, “she has a nice ass but imagine if a dog bit it— she’d have no career!” You can see this tendency in genuine male conversations on the Joe Rogan show, for example (not that I hate the show, but it’s something to observe), where almost every compliment towards the female body is backhanded. It’s those kind of digs where men try to “punish” women who pull on his sexual energy due to their desire to control it, or their inability to obtain the woman they really want. For example: “I masturbate to this woman and she doesn’t know I exist and so am lacking control, but have to fake control by then insulting some element of her or calling her a slut.” This is also the root of witch-hunts in the media where female celebrities that attract and interest the masses the most are then especially vulnerable to a slew of digs, criticisms, and hate— people with low vitality drain their attention onto something that (as magnetic femininity inherently does) will not give anything directly or immediately back— what they “gave” was the initial inspiration— and then want to punish the woman for inspiring the energetic drain, rather than learn to control what they drain themselves to. Females do this to other females as well in polarity interplays between female peers and friends, perhaps even more frequently than males do because by nature, all females only have a limited supply of energy (as they absorb rather than originate it) and so are uncomfortable when something inspires them to drain energy without receiving anything back. One female may feel interested in, attracted to (not necessarily sexually), or intrigued by another female’s demeanor, appearance, or creative works, appreciating elements of that female, and then praising them and giving her much attention. Then, when it is not reciprocated, the perceiving female begins trashing, bashing, and constantly shit-talking the woman when she has done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

After experiencing the draining after-effects of pouring so much energy into someone in a pursuing manner, they begin attacking the woman who they lost control around, similar to alcoholics who believe that drinking is the root of all evil. This is similar to the phenomenon that makes women often react negatively through jealousy to females they find magnetic in some way, coming up with any stupid criticism frantically and thoughtlessly. However— on a side note— women will freely give compliments, promotion, worship, or attention to male authority figures & teachers because in interacting with the male, they automatically feel they are in a position of feminine submission to his authority, which brings a subtle sense of bliss, and so they will give admiration with no expectation, as you’ll see in the spiritual community abundantly with singular male teachers having hundreds of primarily female students and mindless worshippers.

Something that Purva Phalguni teaches us is that if you appreciate something of a feminine nature, the inspiration and joy that thing gave you should be all that it needs to give you, and you can love and nourish that thing of your own free will and from your own passionate wish to nourish. If an artist creates a painting and you enjoy it, even if the artist is not in a position of authority or power, you can enjoy that art and not need to criticize it or expect that the artist also has to enjoy the things you create in order for her or him to deserve recognition for it. If you like his or her art— compliment it; don’t rationalize why it’s not good, don’t compliment it originally and then regret doing so when jealousy takes over and you don’t get compliments or energy back, etc.

If you are a person who has given appreciation or attention to a feminine thing— be it that you found her body beautiful, her artwork special, her content meaningful— and you are then punishing that woman for the reaction she created in you and that she didn’t then give you special attention in return… rather than just being thankful for your experience of her, then you are the problem. If you are trying to vampirize and take from something, a feminine creature is not the place to go for that. You need to learn to control and direct your own energy rather than taking out your anger and lack of control on that which inspired it in you. The truly balanced & strong individual gives recognition to the deserving without a wish to drain that thing. Purva Phalguni teaches us that if you like something, like it. If you want to compliment or promote it, do so from a place of abundance, not needing something in return to feel validated. If you like something, don’t then turn around to try to criticize and bite that thing because you liked it before and it drained you or didn’t allow you to dominate over it and possess it. It is not that female’s fault that you drained yourself into her, and the feeling of inspiration that she gave you originally was payment enough, as inspiration is a true unique key of the feminine principle. The strong individual, upon seeing a flower, appreciates and waters it. The uncontrolled man tramples it for catching his unwilling eye and not owning it. The jealous woman pulls it so that it cannot catch the eye of another, gladly watching it wither instead of blossom, instead of becoming a flower herself thus depriving the world of beauty. 🌸

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19 квіт. 2020 р.

As in the fable about the fox and the grapes, that she couldn't reach and said it was sour, to comfort herself. But what if a woman criticises another woman and how she looks, because she tries to tell her the truth, which sometimes is not obvious to many people, including the woman that is being criticised?


Thanks for that essay it makes so much sense to me, both the concrete examples you give which are so evident in the world, and the logic behind it which resonates with me on an intuitive level.

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