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Glamour-Shaming (Venus & The Female Path)

I've discussed the importance of seduction for the female path before, but here I want to explain it in a more mundane way. Glamour is the creation of beauty; it is the skillful application of cosmetics, perfume, and other luxuries, learning the shapes and angles of your face, decorating yourself with aesthetically-pleasing items in order to make yourself a true work of art. For this reason, I find the concept of shaming women for wearing makeup or for engaging in glamour quite funny, as people seem to act like it is some kind of virtue to remain "natural" or that being natural signifies more "inner" beauty-- that decorating the face or body is in some way a significator of a distorted internal nature, vanity and shallowness, insecurity, or even rejection of God. While some think that Venus means unaltered, natural beauty: it does not. Just as you appreciate a skillful painting more than the cans of paint sitting there unused, Venus inspires and wishes for the human mind to work with raw natural materials to produce more intense allure and a stronger reaction. Being able to "create" beauty in the world around you-- whether it be through art, through a beautiful home, gardening, or a beautiful appearance-- this is the virtue of human nature, and actually reflects "inner" beauty as well. Zoroaster said: "It is useless to seek the soul of things beneath their surface, for their surface is their soul!" and in seeking to improve your beauty, you are seeking to better the experience for those who get to experience you, and creating a more decorated and refined vehicle for your soul. You are offering your combination of unique natural material mixed with skillful altercation and improvement (which reflects your personal taste and inner beauty) to the world generously to be adored, and thus why the final Venus-ruled nakshatra of Purva Ashada mixes with the generous nature of Jupiter (the two benefics), Venus wishing to radiate beautiful creations to anyone who may happen to glance its way. How much (fleeting) "natural" beauty each person is endowed with is not the issue and just "accepting" and "settling with" your natural beauty is no virtue-- it's how much beauty you can create & contribute ultimately, regardless of what you started with, and in regards to appearance, the issue is really in how you use and emphasize your feminine power to fulfill your role as the inspiration, shakti, and maya (and personification of Earthly materialism itself). There are very few women in the world who don't care about appearance or appreciate beauty, but there are millions of women in the world who-- due to feeling shameful from the comments of many who belittle beauty which is cultivated and not "natural"-- resist embracing and then improving their appearance,  suppressing their natural urge towards beautification (in whichever way they will indulge in that) to "accept themselves" and to not be "shallow", and so instead become jealous and hateful towards women who do. There are very few men in the world who don't appreciate a beautifully decorated form, but millions of men who shame women as being "fake" and say they only want to be with a "natural woman" (and then often secretly fantasize or masturbate thinking about these "fake" women such as porn stars, models, sex symbols, etc.) I even spoke to a woman recently who found her boyfriend watching porn multiple times, but he insisted that he does not like "slutty girls" or girls that "show off" and this is why he does not encourage her towards beautification and sexuality, and even shamed her for posting photos on Instagram, insisting that she was "better" than girls who did... thus the keeping of a "good" girl for security and then secretly indulging in sexual women through porn or Instagram, etc. which is incredibly widespread. This is unfortunate because in order to cultivate a true relationship, union must occur in mental, emotional, and physical (sexual) levels. Everyone in the world loves beauty, whether they admit it or not, this is because beauty is analogous to truth itself and that truth is always beautiful. Beauty for a woman depends on her desire to absorb energy, and so the more time and effort she expends on being able to absorb energy and create magnetism and beauty, the more beautiful she becomes-- through both nature and skill. 

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