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Diving into the "Demonic" Feminine

The Whore of Babylon by Willam Blake
The Whore of Babylon by Willam Blake

The Egyptian Hermeticists differed from the Gnostics in a certain respect in regards to their view of the God who created this world. The Gnostics viewed this world as a prison with the Demiurge ruling over it like a tyrant and in an unfair way. In Hermetic thought, the creator of the world is not viewed in such a negative light. In their view, he was also thought to create this world, imprison individuals in it, and conceal the truth from human beings with illusions-- but did so not in an unfair way, but in order to test them and discover who would seek truth and knowledge & rise above the masses enveloped in illusion. The competitive element of rising above others and needing to fight for knowledge relates to the world being a closed circuit with a limited source of energy and knowledge. In order to obtain knowledge you have to accumulate a certain amount of energy like a mountain peak towering over its surroundings, which most people do not do, as they find contentment in the "cage-like" flat reality and immersion in illusion. However, whenever a person tries to accumulate energy, they inevitably encounter a certain type of powerful female energy that attempts to siphon or drain it from them in some way, through captivating their mind or fantasies. This is simply because the outward role of the female in a tantric sense is to function as an objective manifestation of Maya on Earth, of Mother Nature that soothes beings back into the womb of nature, as a mirror that shows the level of yang of the one perceiving her. This is why men on the spiritual path are taught celibacy and "to beware of Maya" who can and will come and attempt to keep them entrapped in ignorance and delusion from her seduction, as she separates the wheat from the chaff (like the height of Venus amongst the Nakshatras, Purva Ashada, which is symbolized by a winnowing basket). It is not of any concern to a person who is already firmly under the spell of the abundant Maya all around. It is only those who seek to rise up and accumulate spiritual knowledge and realize themselves and their own power who can attract the attention of more and more seductive & empowered female forces, who artfully begin draining the solar current from his phallus into her own body in order to increase the power and beauty of Maya and her grasp over all of manifest reality. In this way, a new meaning is understood regarding why women in the Middle Ages were considered by so many people to be servants of the Devil and have been demonized throughout history. The "dark" but necessary side of the feminine activates any remnants or loose elements of her perceiver's uncontrolled & animalistic nature and uses it against him effortlessly and often unconsciously, to tempt, trick, and absorb male energy, in order to ensure (as Mother Nature herself) that the weak and uncontrolled are enslaved and kept ignorant in an animal-like way. However, following this line of thinking that demonizes and scorns women & femininity/the yin principle rather than penetrating and understanding her "dark" side, leads a man to serious trouble, because fear is even more powerful in regards to being controlled than sexual enjoyment is.

Why would a male fear being drained by women? Well, it is because his capacity for developing wisdom or intelligence depends on how he transmutes his sexual energy. It is the substance of knowledge itself, and also his male qualities or virility. A man who is not careful can actually be drained of his intelligence and physical strength as described in detail in tales warning against this, such as Samson and Delilah. It is an occult law that woman obtains & shares (or steals totally) the power and knowledge of a man who she sleeps with. This is because the Yoni is capable of endlessly reproducing and creating any impression that was made onto it, even once. Men who attempt to be purely celibate often become easy prey for women who feed off of them in their sleep in dreams, because absolute retention is impossible and only leaves his energy rife to be discharged against his will or siphoned in a direction in which he is unaware. The power of virility and the masculine principle doesn't come in withholding it, but directing it with every ounce of one's will and intention. In truth, there is no way that a man can "transcend" the power of women such as attempting to completely cut off from her through celibacy, but for the man attracted to women-- why would he ever want to? It is better to engage with her in a controlled and virile manner though developing himself, because Maya expands and encompasses all space and is present in every direction, so there is nowhere to run to but to face her head on and dive fully into understanding her mysteries, both her light and darkness. Parvati receives tantric teachings through culling them from Shiva with her questioning-- but in actuality, he is pulling the teachings like treasures from within her, peering into the parts of herself that even she is unaware of and pulling them forward, as she is the Eros & Shakti (as Goddess channels for the non-rational forces of nature rather than rationality), and so he learns only through lovingly mingling with her. Through interacting with her and peering into her darkness and her role as Maya, they both come to realize the secrets of all reality, and satisfy one another fully.

All manifestations of the feminine are necessary; if this is something you struggle with, feeling shameful regarding the darker elements of reality that you stir as a female (such as lust or jealousy), I give much more information on embracing all parts of yourself and your power in my Female Path course.

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