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Deity-Marriage & Other Methods to Defeat Succubi/Incubi

"The Soul of the Rose" by John Wiliam Waterhouse

The 5th house is said to rule one’s future. In Vedic Astrology, this house is called Putra (son) Bhava, denoting this house’s connection to one’s children, their creations. Children have been treated as a privilege to produce throughout history, as they function as a crystallized manifestation of your outflowing creative power. At the same time, Bhava 5 rules one’s other creative projects, one’s deity of devotion, romantic passion (particularly love towards the “concubine”), and mantras & yantras. In this sense, just as creating a child opens a pathway where your outflowing energy is secured into an “investment” that can enhance your future, deity worship opens the same pathway. The blessing of pouring yourself into a meaningful creative project opens this pathway as well. Bhava 5 is the realm of you weaving your own future and entering into it like tapestry, planting your own seeds through the sacrifice of your sexual creative energy. Inevitably, if this house isn’t activated (through creativity, worship, sensual romance, and/or children) your future becomes more bleak, woven with washed-out blacks and grey, like securing for yourself an endless long & dark Winter.

Undeniably, the way one expends their creative energy moment-by-moment determines their future. Our lives are enriched by these “draining” blessings under which we can consecrate our excess energy. The key to finding any one of these— creative interests, a deity to whom you devote, a romantic love interest— is with the key of passion. Your energy must be given as an act of Will. Purva Phalguni nakshatra teaches how “worshipping” (spiritually, artistically, or romantically) is the true path of hedonism. This nakshatra fixates so intensely on what it likes that it gives seemingly every drip of itself only to that which it prefers & shamelessly ignores all else. This is the Venusian secret found at Leo’s Solar core. Empowering the things you like around you & never wasting your excess energy on anything else is how you can completely change your reality. Through 5th house Love, you weave your future with the rhythm of passionate desire into a beautiful tapestry. You set your desire in front of you, and with your whole Soul enter into it. In this sense, the 5th house is really the act of “choosing favorites” to empower. It is as simple as: you choose your favorite deity, it brings a range of specific realizations and special newly open roads, and therefore you choose your future & fate. Desire is the supreme ruling force of the Universe (Tripura Sundari), who eggs all actions.

In occultism, the lesser marriage (marrying an elemental spirit) or the greater marriage (marrying a deity) are done to channel energy securely into merging with one being. As Crowley writes in Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men: “On every occasion before sleep let the Adept figure his goddess before him, wooing her ardently in imagination and exalting himself with all intensity toward her. And let him consider all involuntary movements of the mind as adulteries vile and criminal.” This last sentence signifies the way that not only does the 5th house enrich your life, but (very importantly) 5th house “receivers” protect you. In giving you a future investment that can properly drain your energy, the 5th house keeps you from involuntarily losing energy to something pointlessly. Those who do not have properly active 5th houses can instead find themselves drained in unwanted ways, like a balloon popping for porn, fantasy, celebrity gossip or obsession, incubi or succubi (both are ultimately said to be “male” despite outward appearance due to the person being in a state of passivity, allowing them to penetrate you, to cause you to discharge), and so on. In the paper, Crowley describes the virtues and powers of your blood & sexual fluids, and the precautions you should take to guard yourself from incubi and succubi in particular (such as consecrating your bedroom with special images). Dreams are fulfillments of unconscious fantasies and creative energy that a person isn’t using in their daily life. Random discharges of energy in dreams becomes important to consider when one makes this mental link between energy expenditure & the outcome of one’s future (both 5th house). As Crowley mentions in the aforementioned paper, this is especially for those who have stepped foot on the spiritual path, as they become a stronger “beacon of light” to attract succubi/incubi on the astral, etc. due to building stronger, more plentiful, and more potent energy. Those enmeshed in Earthly Malkuth have “less to lose” as they are already grounded in the realm of ignorance.

Choosing an outlet for your energy is how you consecrate it to a defined fulfillment. It is also helpful for spiritual practice because House 5 of passionate outlets for energy drains House 6 (being 12 houses from it). 5th House acts— creative projects and worshipping deities— function as protection against enemies, which (in terms of magic) try to utilize your sexual energy in some way that is negative for you. House 6 also rules servitude, and your energy can of course be directed under the service/employment of another person’s goals & vision when it is not aligned with your own passion. In this sense, one is more threatened into falling under this form of Saturnian subservience/labor that feels “soul-sucking” when they have spent less time in connection to 5th house Leo energies. “Choosing favorites” over time carves a deep & powerful riverbasin for your energy to flow day-by-day, which keeps it protected from leaking towards (or being manipulated by) others.

Anchoring to the things you love & want to birth and/or nourish around you is what protects you from being grabbed by circumstance— the seizing grip of the planets pulling your energy against your will in all sorts of directions. Although many people in spiritual circles demonize desire, it is the force that defines one’s future. Those with weaker and more vague desires are ironically those most at risk of losing energy & never spiritually individuating. Rather than wishing or trying to have no desire, wish to be inspired with a desire so strong, defined, & divine that it holds your concentration and receives every droplet of your Willfully & lovingly discharged excess into beautiful & transformative investments.

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