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Through his words, a man can cause anger. Through his actions, a man can cause anger. A woman can cause anger in the same way. But how else does a woman so often, day after day, cause anger? Just through shamelessly existing. Just through smiling, or cooing, or playing. Just through standing or walking, or covering herself, or showing herself, or thinking, or not thinking, speaking or not speaking.

The pinnacle of the unashamed feminine principle is embodied by Rohini nakshatra, the beautiful daughter of Brahma, who is his innocent and non-dual, passion-based creative impulse personified, completely uninhibited & lit like the Full Moon. The creator of this Universe, he felt joy to see beauty, and beauty appeared. He desired, “May she approach me and may we unite”. The cosmic creative impulse of this very plane on which we dwell, constructed her curves and her shape, and claimed “May she churn passion, this powerful daughter of bliss and beauty— if we should exist, let us enjoy our existence. Let us unite, and merge, and make love.”

How different are many of the men of this Earth from our creator? How differently they see these lovely creatures of sensuality, born of passion, these muses who inspire all romance, acts of bravery, virility, and art, who’s juices flow for the strong and truthful. Within each of us is the precious spark of our creator, our pure lifeforce, with which, if we yield it properly— we ourselves become divine. In an endless cycle, just as Brahma glanced at Rohini, with the beauty of each inspiring muse you perceive, she offers you the opportunity to awaken this passionate creative spark inside, and wake you from the coldness of death. She is your creative spark externalized, through which you yourself are God, you yourself are divine, but you stomp on your own divinity as you shun her. With just a glance, she shows you all the impurities within you, and can offer them into the fires that fuel true life.

To the worthy who’s libido is pure and powerful, her standing naked or abundantly ornamented, at her most tempting and inspiring, she is an angel— a blessing, a strong bringer of raw life and passion— the most *spiritual* thing. To the unworthy, she is a whore, and only the covered & stifled woman is allowed, who doesn’t make him face his own animalistic nature and wrestle with it. He covers her like throwing a sheet over a mirror to hide himself from himself. “What is this uncontrolled feeling you, devil, churn in me?” He asks her, and instead of seeing the beast that awoke within his own impure body, he views this gentle creature as a beast, and ties her soft hands, and covers her flowing form, and silences her graceful voice. “How unspiritual she is” he mutters, and cosmic Brahmi cries in confusion: “How dismally far from our creator he is.” How he will never himself know true genius or power. He called Eros a devil when it was all along his only savior.

For more background, from a previous article of mine (9/7/2018) "A Place Without Sexual Imagery is a Place to be Shunned":

The Silpa Prakasa offers the following viewpoint in the subject "Desire is the root of the universe. From desire all beings are born... without Shiva and Shakti, creation would be nothing but imagination. Without the action of Kama(desire) there would be no birth or death. Shiva himself is visibly manifested as a great phallus, and Shakti in the form of a vulva. By the union the whole Universe comes into being. “A place without sexual imagery is a place to be shunned.” In the opinion of the Kaulacaras it is always a base, forsaken place, resembling a dark abyss, which is "shunned like the den of death.” Therefore, women who crave to ornament and display themselves, to be visually splendorous and adored… who feel the deep and strong feminine desire to live and create beauty of herself and around her (or display her sexuality), don’t let anyone shame you for it (calling it shallow, materialistic, attention-seeking, stupid, sinful, or— my favorite— “cheap”, because it is everything but those things). It is a role that only you can fulfill, and that drives the whole Universe.

& relevant quote From Julius Evola (full quote shared 4/1/2019):

“The strongest and most expressive symbolic & ritual expression of [Aphroditic nakedness] is linked to the sacred dance of the 7 veils. The teaching of the mysteries included the symbolism of passing through the 7 planetary spheres & freeing oneself little by little of the various determining & conditional qualities related to those spheres, which were conceived as being so many clothes to be thrown away until a person reached the state of the ‘ultimate nakedness’ of absolute & simple being, which is only itself when it is beyond the ‘seven’… In Sufism, a parallel exists in the tamzig or tearing of the clothes during ecstasy. In the opposite realm, that of “nature”, the corresponding process is the stripping of the feminine power of all its forms until it appears in its elementary character or virgin substance prior & superior to all form. It is precisely that which is made perceptible by the progressive freeing of the woman from the 7 veils until she is shown utterly naked, just as the myth of Ishtar who descends to the netherworld & leaves a part of her ornaments & clothes at each of the 7 doors through which she goes… The sight of wholly naked images in the Greek mysteries corresponded to the *highest* grade of initiation, & in the ritual of Tantric sexual practice, the woman to be used appears as an embodiment of prakriti, the divine female & primordial substance hidden beneath the numberless forms of manifestation. The naked woman represents this very substance freed of all form & in its ultimate state… A similar meaning may be found in the paradoxical ritual union between an ascetic & a whore in the Mahavrata festival; as though for a woman reduced to her primal state, the inaccessible substratum of all form (the “prostitute”), the only fitting mate would be one who by *asceticism* had been reintegrated into his own principle or into the opposite primal state of transcendental manhood.”

Opposites are complementary and cannot exist without one another; the highest men are ascetics, and the highest woman is one who is voracious & sexual. She is the outward embodiment and expression of power, and he is the inward one, and in that way they both achieve liberation.

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