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Ashlesha & The Dominating Feminine

This post was inspired by a recent question on one of my old posts on Instagram:

"How about when a Woman controls a Man? Which I've experienced, and I'm still confused about the immense power she had over me."

Ashlesha Nakshatra rules over what is commonly known as "Kundalini". Kundalini is a term that is a bit misunderstood in our present time due to the overwhelming need many people feel to talk about it without understanding the concept with proper context. Kundalini and Ashlesha relate to the power of binding and restricting, and thus we can understand why this Nakshatra is considered inauspicious, but is also very sacred and ultimately a Sattwic Nakshatra. When a human being is sucked into a womb, in order for the soul to identify with the body it is going to inhabit, there must be a kind of binding that occurs of the person's soul with their body. This identification with the body is a limitation and restriction that we are placed under in order that we can live in our body and have good health. Kundalini is Ahamkara, our ability to identify with our physical body and individuality, and she is also the force that rules over our immune system and ability to maintain bodily health and vigor. The problem is that to identify with your physical body is, in fact, an illusion, and Kundalini is also the reason why human beings are trapped and deluded in the material world and are, for all intents and spiritual purposes, nothing more than animals who have the potential to develop themselves further if they awaken from their slumber. When a person can overcome all illusions and restrictive female forces, their kundalini is able to rise up through each center and they are liberated and "unbound". Ashlesha rules the terrible aspect of the Divine Mother, the hydra the must be overcome in order to free yourself from her paralyzing and deluding grip and experience enlightenment. This nakshatra is the controlling and dominating aspect of the goddess that represents the reason why sex with a woman as a spiritual practice is sometimes called "Lata" or "Creeper/Vine" sadhana. Consider the image of the Shiva Lingam, which is surrounded by a clinging and restrictive #Yoni . Ashlesha is the restricting power and also the clinging power, just as our nervous system allows our mind to cling and identify with our bodies. The penis of Lord Shiva is firm and erect, and the yoni derives pleasure trying to crush and squeeze it-- and when the Goddess tries to do this over and over, and it remains firm, it creates a lot of pleasure in her and she orgasms, which is when the male power overcomes the female power. The Goddess is always searching for male energy that tries to rise up and stand firm-- and then envelop and restrict it, as this is her nature and sacred function, and it produces a great deal of pleasure when male and female interact in this way. Not every man is like Shiva, however, and sometimes a male can encounter a female being of greater power than he can handle, and when she begins to restrict and envelop him, his lingam and willpower is not strong enough to withstand her pleasurable squeezing for long enough to cause her to be overcome and orgasm, and instead he succumbs to her crushing squeezing force and orgasms himself. Any person that we feel a sexual response towards creates a permanent spiritual link between us. This strangling, squeezing, and hungry nature is shown in the association of Ashlesha with snakes, who use either poison or strangulation to consume their prey. Ashlesha also rules and causes the desire for men to masturbate, because when a person falls under a restrictive female influence that he is not directly obtaining/conquering, it can bind his energy into the Muladhara center and prevent it from rising up, which then causes an incredible urge for him to ejaculate. This inability to raise one's energy is why many (men and women) ejaculate or orgasm when attempting to astrally project. One more comment below. Elemental spirits often causes men to ejaculate, as semen is their food, which is why there is always a strong association of Yakshinis (earth elementals) of causing those who try to contact them to ejaculate. Naginis are female water elementals who are known as #Lamia in Greek Mythology. These snake women are peculiar in that they possess a kind of amphibian like clitoral penis and use it to penetrate men in their sleep, which forces ejaculation. The "woman with a penis" fantasy is stimulated by Ashlesha, who feeds off of energy though this particular sexual act and causes men and women to desire intercourse in this way, with the female dominating. This is why the snake as a symbol has the seemingly contradictory qualities of being feminine and associated with #Shakti , but also being a kind of invasive phallic symbol. This is also why Ashlesha is associated with burglars and home invasion, as the #Nagas are the chief and best at binding and locking, but also are good at unbinding, unlocking, and invading.The "dove" and the "serpent" both represent the kundalini serpent, depending on whether it is moving horizontally or vertically in movement. When we aspire to the heavens with pure concentration and spiritual aspiration, she becomes a dove, and when we apply her force to earthly matters, she is a serpent. There is an entire mythology surrounding pregnant women being able to destroy the poisonous power of snakes, and this relates to a pregnant woman being nourishing from being fecundated by male influence, while a woman who is not fecundated by male energy is considered to be like a serpent and dangerous. It is the natural female tendency to try to squeeze and overcome male energy because if she cannot overcome it, she orgasms in bliss; and if she does overcome it, then she finds joy in consuming the weaker being who is unable to overcome her. 

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