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Spotting & Dissolving Rahuvian False Inhibitions/Taboos

As I described in a previous article, Sun relates to the elements of society, scripture, and government that protect us and help us to stay aligned with our own willpower and inner light. He helps us to overcome the negative elements of our animal nature and therefore with his guidance, we feel ever more self-sufficient, focused on our own growth, and wishing autonomy and radiance for all of those around us. On the other hand, Rahu, Sun’s eclipsing shadow planet, relates to the false societal structures and inhibitions that we place on ourselves through denying something we desire deeply, rooted in a feeling of inability to attain it, or fear of being judged by the repressed collective for seeking to attain it. These false inhibitions that we place on ourselves can be analyzed and spotted in that, with these particular blockages, we tend to try to assuage our pain through frantically fixating on and dispersing our energy into seeking to control those who aren’t inhibited in the same way. The insecurity that Rahu churns causes us to always look outwardly to try to control that which falls out of alignment with the laws of our island of delusion; we become the corrupt police force for our own inhibitions and shortcomings, and for the falsehoods we allowed to control us personally. We are hunching and fearful victims of the collective⭕, and so we try to punish those who stand tall as individuals. Instead of bravely obliterating our own blockages from the societal “whispers” that run our lives and fueling our own light, we start to seek to inflict those eclipsing poisons on the light of those around us. We try to weaken the strong instead of strengthen ourselves. So, it is important to contemplate which limitations you set for yourself for your betterment, and which are the poison that is eating away at you. A contemplations for that is, when you find yourself frantically “keyboard-warrioring”, criticizing, gossiping or flailing around to try to control and limit someone’s behavior on a certain topic (she can’t say that, he can’t look like that, who does she think she is, and so on), ask yourself the following:

Why are you so called to enforce this “law” of yours? Is it perhaps because you call upon nature to enforce it, but no such natural law exists? You call upon God to enforce it, but no divine fist comes to condemn it? You call upon even your government to enforce it, but those who value freedom defend it? When you enslave yourself to an illusory limitation, how vehemently you wish to enslave others under the same one… Are you the sole defender of the very splinter that pierces your palm, rendering your hand useless? Truth speaks so loudly for itself that its advocates rest internally at ease, while the advocates for lies try to change the truth to match their delusions, and so are ever struggling, sweating, frothing at the mouth, swimming against the current in misery and anguish, trying to restrict everyone else’s behavior because no divine order will ever come to do it for them— controlling the expression of others from the shadows they are cowering in. Where is your bravery to admit truth, or inspiration, or the divine right to freedom when you see it? Why is the coward within you so agitated?

The difference between those gleaming with the light of lifeforce and those dull in the dust and shadows, is only that one allows a pure channel for impulse to be utilized and sculpted, and the other enslaves impulse to ego, weakness, & inhibitions, and disperses and over-rationalizes the sacred spark until it is broken completely. Ego that insists: I am the best at this present moment, and clouds and sludges like shallow swampy water, hiding its creatures and trying to pull all others into its darkness. And sacred impulse is a crystal ocean with such incomprehensible depths, the foundation of all life; its waters

stretch so far and vast that it becomes the divine blue mirror to reflect heaven onto Earth. From the Book of Thoth: “For until we become innocent, we are certain to try to judge our Will from the outside, whereas True Will should spring, a fountain of Light, from within, and flow unchecked, seething with Love.” In authenticity, so frequently demonized, one finds the purest innocence. In those twisting their spines to conform, one often finds the darkest mask just below the surface.

Impulse is the Cosmic Sculptor blessing you by stirring, and here you can present yourself as a stone for his shaping, and allow his hands to animate yours to create beauty around you, of you, and in that way, within you. Impulse flows with truth, it moves with power, its vibrant and primal. Keep bowing down into the suffocating dust of falsehoods, and those who grasp for truth will just step on your back to taste the breath of life. It’s inevitable that when clinging to deception, you will feel the painful pressure of the feet of those who trample on it. Realize that the gavel you are holding to try to limit the authenticity, beauty, expression, and strength of others, is the same weight that makes you walk with a hunch and a scowl on your face, and let it go. And know that the same black executioner’s hood that you wear to condemn them, makes it so that no one sees your shadowed face or cares, and take it off.

Truth is fixed and unchanging; it was always there & eternally will be. One doesn’t have to seek for it, but finds it immediately in their hands, finds it animating their body and pulsing through them, if only they just let go of the mountain of falsehoods to which they cling.

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