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Women Worshipping Children?

Every individual has within them a kind of autopilot or safety mechanism that ensures that no matter what happens to them, they are able to return to their true spiritual home if they choose to do so. Punarvasu nakshatra (today's Moon) is the principle of returning back to one's spiritual source and for a man, this means returning home back into the arms and lap of the Goddess he separated from in his first incarnation. For a woman, this means finding and absorbing one's true spiritual son, who is also her lover, the two being identical in a spiritual sense. This is the only way for true sexual gratification for both men and woman. This is why Goddess worship is so helpful for men and why worshipping the child form of different Gods has a special kind of ability to grant fast results for a woman. The individual we are meant to irrevocably absorb or be absorbed into is known as the Guardian Angel, which is identical to our individual kundalini Shakti. The Kundalini is within us in our microcosm, but, as with anything internal, there is also an external manifestation in the macrocosm. The book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is a great method for obtaining knowledge and conversation with our Angel. This individual is your literal saviour/savioress and merging with them is the only way to become liberated. A person must undergo terrible and austere tests to attain knowledge and conversation with them, but all of one's spiritual and material needs are fulfilled from accomplishing it. It is nothing less than completing the Great Work itself and results in true Immortality and the generation of the Philosopher's Stone. Aleister Crowley was very surprised when he experienced a telepathic encounter and physical manifestation of Aiwaz in the form of Samuel Aiwaz Jacobs, who he believed to be the physical manifestation of his Guardian Angel. Crowley had initially believed that the Guardian Angel was the "higher self" of an individual, but later changed his views, explaining it to be an actual individual that can be contacted within one's microcosm internal reality and also has a corresponding manifestation in the macrocosmic external world. He explained that "chemical wedding" that occurs from performing the Abramelin operation would be pointless if this were not so, as it implies two separate things coming together and becoming whole. We feel and hear our Guardian Angel when we connect back to our spiritual source and through what causes us to feel joy and emotion. Our favorite songs, movies, books, etc. all hold secret keys that lead us to knowing and eventually colliding with our personal savior/savioress. It is this private emotional life that is the domain of the Angel within us, and if we are willing to undergo the tests and hardships and follow the protocols, even the least of us can rest for all eternity in the arms of our Angel who, wants us just as much as we want them. In Thelema, "Liber Cordis Cincti Serpenti" (the book of the "heart girt with a serpent") is the Holy Book describing the relationship an individual has with their Kundalini and Angel, and can be memorized by anyone who wants to contact their Angel. The price of obtaining one's Angel is one's false personality, which is destroyed in the process. To shed one's personality means giving up all that one has and all that one is, even all of one's spiritual attainments, in order to annihilate oneself into the Angel. To hold back any part of oneself can result in soul loss and the destruction of the ego against one's will. Doing this frees one from all illusions and frees one from any dependency on any form of external knowledge, as one becomes fed daily with Gnosis directly from God. A person after uniting with this being goes back to the world and spreads the teachings of their Angel and becomes the leader of a school of thought. This is an important point because those who do not produce any work have no right to claim any spiritual attainments, as true power is not controlling others with knowledge but directly related to how much power you can give to others through sharing your experience. This is the difference between a true adept and a "black brother", the one shares everything freely and the other keeps knowledge secret to control others and create dependency. We aspire to attain knowledge and conversation with our guardian angel, which is total control over our Kundalini so that we may be actually able to help and serve humanity and play our specific and unique role in the grand scheme of creation.

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