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Women: Messengers of Deception

In many of my articles, I talk about how women are embodiments of Maya. Maya is illusion, and also energy or consciousness projected into matter. What does this really mean? It is often said that anything and everything has its proper and improper application, and use and Maya is no different. People who fear Maya, the Goddess and, by extension, women, are just unable to "control" them, and that should be obvious. In reality, even when Maya is doing evil and destroying people, she is still functioning according to the Universal will, and so we cannot really say that when she is hurting others she is "bad", because without her destroying the weak and impure, the world would be full of weeds when we want it to be full of flowers. In reality, it's her destructive aspect that is more merciful in a technical sense because it allows truth and beauty alone to flourish. When we experience Maya in a more positive sense in relation to our own self, however, we experience the fun and the "nourishment" that comes from experiencing something. All of this world is a simulation, likened to a video game or a movie, and our experience here is actually due to our own unconscious desires for the types of experiences we go through. When we watch a play or a movie, whether it is tragedy, horror, comedy, or whatever else, its success and ability to gratify the audience depends on its ability to deceive. So we can't say that something that is deceptive is bad, because if it were people would not crave it so deeply in the form of movies, books, and in the form of women, who are literal embodiments of deception and artifice to the deepest core of their being. If a movie, book, or woman cannot cause successful "illusions" we are disappointed and reject it, because it cannot captivate our attention. When anything captivates our attention and causes us anger, fear, lust, or anything else, it is all because that being has the ability to delude us and get a rise out of us in some way. In the case of attractive women, we find that they are magnets for all kinds of attention, including lots of anger. This is all Maya, and people cannot get enough of it despite what they state outwardly.

The strength of Maya depends on its ability to conceal the truth. This is why Maya can do no wrong whatsoever, even when it is hurting others, because it only can ever harm the unworthy, and this is its strongest function: to conceal the truth from the unworthy. She only destroys the unworthy by magnifying their own inherent flaws. When you are purified, Maya becomes the most wonderful thing and an endless source of comedic entertainment because you see the "Divine Comedy" that is existence itself, watching beings fall under her spell and believing her illusions are real and reacting accordingly. When we play a video game or watch a movie, even though it is an illusion, when we walk away from it, we often feel enriched in some way, especially if it was a particularly realistic simulation. Why would we feel enriched because we were skillfully deceived? Again, it relates to the experience that cannot be gained without entering into the illusion. In this way, we can learn how to use Maya to accelerate our learning curve and gain experiences more quickly through running different "training programs". This can be done on the Astral plane by the advanced Adept through conscious dreaming. A person can experience dangerous, heartbreaking things or indulge their most carnal fantasies without ever leaving the comfort of their own bed. All enriches a person. This leads to knowledge that comes from the experiences and cannot be gained otherwise. The only danger is, of course, entering into an illusion that deceives you to the point that you lose the ability to see through it. This is actually the condition of most people in general who believe that the material world around them is all that there is. This is actually due to women in general who work unconsciously to conceal the truth from men, and cut them off from the spiritual world, by dragging them down to the material world and sucking up their energy-- literally swallowing them whole through discharging their semen over and over so that they cannot rise up out of it. This, again, is not evil; any truly worthy man has no problem not only rising above these women, but also earns their love and excitement from his ability to control illusions and not get caught up in them himself. A man cannot say that he has conquered Maya or illusions by avoiding them; he has to immerse himself in them but prove his prowess and self-mastery. The proof is in his abilities. He can simply attain the objects, woman, or goals that he desires, or he accepts the "blue pill" that many people, especially women, will hand him. The blue pill is the soothing comforting rationalizations that support your own illusions, and keep you from overcoming them. Women love deception on an unconscious level and will gladly & unconsciously pad the ego and support the true weakness of anyone who asks, because they naturally and evolutionarily want to avoid conflict and threat of violence. Even when women are bullying another, for example, often it is illusive and indirect... cruelness or superiority masked as virtue, in the form of blatantly or subtly false compliments (the loud, popular girl saying to the least attractive or quietest girl in the classroom, "you look SO pretty today", even when the receiver of the "compliment" knows the girl is speaking from a cruel center), cooing, acting quite obviously like they pity someone, etc. The "Alpha" female who asserts dominance in settings like this tends to be the one most willing to dive into the chaotic play of deception and illusion, both in behavior and appearance, having shrewd strategy... whereas, the Alpha male rises up not from deception but from absolute objective fearless truths, of displaying intelligence, skill, prowess, etc. 

Women are fountains of illusion and this is their job-- they can't help this, and if they were to reject their natural duties as Maya, they are rejected even by other women for not fulfilling their role. When women speak without fear of negative repercussions, or when we look at what they actually do, we find a huge gap between what they say and what they actually do. Countless scientific studies have proven this, especially in regards to what sexually attracts them. That is why when women increase in power in the government and media, they tend to "push" for weaknesses to be accepted and celebrated, less apparent/direct competition, etc., and they subtly rail against the necessity of self-improvement, objective achievement, and competition. Evolutionarily, they are not wired to test or judge others by blatantly say something is worse or better (as in the past this could result in their bodily harm), but are wired to be like water... a gentle, flowing conduit for all things, unconsciously enjoying yet looking down on the weaker forces that they can overwhelm and "drown" into deception, while simultaneously waiting for a desirable male energy to "forcefully" assert on them, shape them, and satisfy them, who they cannot control or deceive. Women by nature spread deception; they spread deception so frequently that often times they are completely deceiving themselves. To fear women, however, is to fear yourself. Maya can only harm you to the point where you are willing to deceive yourself, and so this is why I always emphasis that the female path is Lunar in nature. Women reflect back the impurities or internal distortions of men around them. If a man speaks badly of women, this reflects his internal woman hating him. If he has wonderful experiences with a woman he finds attractive, this is because he has the right relation with his own internal woman. This is why a rule among practitioners of Tantra that they must never speak ill of or criticize a woman, as this points out one's own weakness, impurity, and enslavement to the feminine force within and outside of them (rather than domination, control, and therefore harmony with it).

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