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Women as Vessels of Consciousness 💦🏺

When seeking to compare men & women in regards to strengths, often times the power of a woman is only measured insofar that unconsciously, a person questions whether the female possesses a strong ability to imitate or succeed at male activities. Why should we define a powerful female by her ability to outdo a man at being a man? To do so is to sacrifice what she unquestionably has: the elusive and mysterious feminine principle. The true power of the feminine doesn’t lie in the controlled words as does the male principle, but in the unspoken, and in the silence that holds these words. It doesn’t lie in the physical strength of one’s bodily force and assertion, but in the graceful flexibility to absorb & envelop that which asserts. Her strengths remain unlisted, indescribable, so shadowy that they remain unsaid, demonized, & feared. To need to outwardly consider a woman’s grasp of male traits to determine her strength— like asking if inward or outward is superior, if right or left is superior, if up or down is superior— indicates that you can’t perceive the subtlety of the power of women and how it is obtained, and so there is no hope for you in accessing it anyway. The power of masculinity is in that which is straightforward, transparent, brought out in the open, and logically articulated; whereas with femininity, everything is indirect, hidden, and accessible only through intuition.

An important reason why understanding the subtleties & nuances of your Moon nakshatra as a woman is that it shows what kind of “vessel” you are and what kind of "gem" you can create with your power to “inhale” and give form to something in a way that is impossible for men to do. In an occult sense, a man projects consciousness ideally in a way that is in accordance with his will, with his phallus that draws power from the Sun. A woman collects and siphons off these projections & gives them a particular shape & form with her Yoni, and its power to give form is gained through the Moon. She accepts his unique form of energy, and the walls of her “womb” shape it in a way that is unique to her, which ties strongly to her Moon’s nakshatra. This produces a type of spiritual gem of experience and creativity that is birthed from their combining. When a man chooses a woman he is passionately drawn to, her form suggests to him unconsciously an idea of what she will birth from his influence. His phallus creates certain kinds of "imagery" that the woman is drawn to based on her Moon type, and wishes to collect, condense, coagulate, and give form to, to then make it manifest in the material world. For example, the materialistic yoni type of Hasta men craves wealth, and the matching Swati yoni’s provide this to him by absorbing his energy and amplifying it exponentially to produce beauty and pleasure in his environment. As he places his energy within her, naturally it arises again around him in a more beautiful manner through her special touch & ability to draw his energy into matter in a pleasant way. Like magic, he finds his home has become beautiful, gardens are growing around him, he sits on the finest leathers, drinks from beautiful finery. In contrast, the restrictive, opaque, and controlling Shatabhisha male projects his energy into the thrashing, the uncontrolled Ashwini matching horse yoni. Her disregard for limitations, inability to view any boundaries, and intense impulsivity “shakes him” out from these staunch self-limitations and manifests as opportunities and whispers for him to assert himself in a more Solar and direct manner and let go of the subtlety and manipulation that is lost on her. In this way, sex with a woman is a magical act, an act of will that produces a defined result, as— like she is a vessel for male energy, a moon to reflect solar light— her touch is in the peripheral & subtle, a reflection of his unconscious and unseen qualities, answering questions he hadn’t yet asked, granting desires he never realized he wished for, in a way that lies in accordance with her unique Shakti and type of attraction, and the reason she was able to pull on his energy in the first place. She becomes either his dream come true or his nightmare, but either way, she becomes his “answer”.

It is often said by certain occultists that "good things" only radiate, while "evil things" attempt to restrict or drain sources of energy, the former being male and the latter being female. This is of course, a dualistic notion, as although the restrictive and consuming cause death, destruction, limitation, and have innate vampiric or parasitic qualities, the "evil" aspect of reality is necessary to condense and crystalize energy and give something form. In its most mundane sense, this obviously is employed when she crystalizes a soul into matter by giving birth to a baby. Just as her Yoni can be used to trap a soul into matter and a body, if employed through proper sexual techniques, it can also be used to free a soul and consciousness from matter, and allow a person to transcend it— through the nourishing “Full Moon” light that guides us towards beauty & truth in a gentle manner. It is all a matter of how it is employed and the knowledge of the individual in question. A woman, because of her innate ability to absorb and crystalize consciousness, has the power to be a reservoir and repository of consciousness that she absorbs, which is solar in nature.

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