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Why Engaging in Men's Spiritual Practices Can be Damaging for Women

Posted in 2017 on my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti

The spiritual practices around the world for men center around removing in his being the identification with his physical body. This is the knot of Ahamkara or Kundalini, which binds him to the material world and keeps him deluded in the world of matter, but also which holds his entire immune system, aura, and personality together. This is necessary for a man in order that he becomes able to fulfill his role in Sexual Magick/Maithuna. This is personified in the Tarot by the Devil Card, showing the refinement of Mars energy in a Man in the sign of Capricorn, as being a necessary development in his Muladhara center, which allows him to not succumb to Yin energy during the sexual practices. This overcoming of the Yin, Serpentine force is represented in the Nakshatras by Uttarashada Nakshatra, which is located in Capricorn and is totally opposite the Nakshatra of the serpent/kundalini/ahamkara in Ashleesha nakshatra. For a woman to engage in male spiritual practices, she shoots herself in the foot, as she weakens her identification with her body, which is what her whole role is in Sexual Magick/Maithuna. A woman is an embodiment of Shakti or Kundalini itself and, like Ashlesha, is "clinging" and "magnetic" in nature. Women go to Ashleesha to develop feminine power and greater health and identification with their bodies, while men (unless under illness/suffering from a weak immune system or wishing to rejuvenate) will stay away from Ashlesha nakshatra, as identifying with the body too much for a man holds him back spiritually. This is why women idolize figures like Marilyn Monroe and Kylie Jenner, who have Ashlesha, as they in some way radiate this energy that is healing to women, helping them to further embody their spiritual role. Ashlesha, being the first Nakshatra of Mercury, is the birth place of the Swadisthana center. This center is the center of both water and the astral plane (bhuvar loka). While considering all of this, it is useful to consider that in Swara Yoga to conceive a male child, the earth tattwa is used, while to conceive a female child the Water tattwa is used. This shows the reason why too much earth element harms a woman, making her unable to respond to sexual activity, while too much water is harmful to men, making them unable to perform their role in sexual magick/Maithuna. Men and Women must train themselves differently. By performing the water practice I recommend in my recent female path video, a woman reconnects with her power center, which is magnetic in nature. If she trains spiritually as men do, she weakens her ego's hold on her body and becomes less magnetic and beautiful. To give one further illustration, for a man to become huge as bodybuilders do, he must have a strong Jathara Agni, which is the physical digestive system. This allows him to digest physical food better and achieve incredible bodily strength and health due to his strong identification with his body. It does, however, create a weaker intellect, as the fires of Jathara Agni burn bright, his Bhuta Agni (which is the ability to digest spiritual information and assimilate it into his being) becomes dimmer. The Bhuta Agni does not digest food, but instead digests words and Mantras as food. This is why people have the stereotype that bodybuilders or strong people are "dumb". A strong identification with the body produces beautiful hair, skin, nails, and bodily tissues, as well as an ability to earn wealth due to polarization in the Muladhara center. This is why women are said to be the "Lakshmis" of their household, as they are meant to embody Shakti and the Earth itself, with all its wealth and beauty. If she attempts male sadhanas, she weakens her ability to do this and so feels unfulfilled at the beautiful and glamorous life she deep down desires, and which no man can ever truly succeed at. Female Sadhana is quite literally almost never written about anywhere in the world, but is very much a real thing. Men must "renounce" the world and so weaken their connection to it for advanced sadhana, but women must throw themselves into the world wholeheartedly (for both herself and her partner's sake) in order that they can both achieve at their sexual sadhana together.

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Stephanie Wirth
Stephanie Wirth
Jul 23, 2019

What do you think of Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya for women?

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