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The Secret Meaning Behind Men Who Drain Women

The woman is the supreme initiatrix in every realm, from the most profane and temporal to the most subtle and elevated: this cannot be escaped. In her form as the mother, she initiates all souls into physical flesh through her Yoni (Vagina) portal. She grants an individual “life”, their body and senses, with which they interact with the world and gain experiences in doing so. However, distinguishing the dead from the living is not so easy as analyzing who has a physical body at present and who does not. The singular world that we think we all know is, on a spiritual level, two worlds. With or without a physical body, people exist in one or the other, either enmeshed in falsehood, full of incorrect perceptions, or partaking of the truth. The “world of the dead” is actually one in the same as the path of reincarnation (cycling through physical forms). This is the smokey path of the ancestors, the Pitriyana path, the path of darkness & traversed in ignorance. Those who do good actions in life travel this path to Chandraloka (the realm of the Moon) to experience the fruits of such actions. Still partaking of the wheel however, they are then reborn on Earth once their fruits are exhausted. This is contrasted to Devayana, the realm of light, the path of the Sun (he who dispels ignorance). This is the path of the eternal Solar archetypes, the Devas, perfected forms of each residual reflection found enmeshed in illusion. In this way, the feminine force is the *Mother* when you walk the Pitriyana path. She holds power over you, coaxes you back into existence, and soothes and nurtures you when you arrive here. Granting you the human physical body, she gifts you the best possible opportunity to obtain liberation.

In adulthood, if Maya in her personified forms of women on the Earth stands in front of you and you treat her as a mother, this opportunity she has granted you will be wasted. She has used her blood and flesh to form you, she has agonized in birthing you, she has nourished you with her milk, she has risen you up to the strongest of our species— and still you stand there asking mercy of her. Still you stand there asking of nourishment from her. Still she outsmarts you. Still she has to be oriented into giving, and being drained & used for your needs (sexually, emotionally, and in a range of ways). This is when it is revealed that Maya, in her various forms as women around the world who you interact with, strengthened you up but only to eventually test you, to challenge you when you revisit her in your power. If you visit her then as your Mother, how deeply offended & scornful she will feel even though her response will be polite and graceful. This is because now she was waiting to be visited again for a spiritual initiation, for spiritual rebirth. She expected to be treated as a consort, ravaged and conquered blissfully. Then, in overflowing love, she is to be treated as a daughter- given to without holding back. These are the three successive stages of interaction with women in Tantra: mother, then consort, then finally daughter, for whom you feel so powerful over that you smile down at her with flowing mercy and generosity in knowledge and resources.

According to Kaularahasya, “the woman initiates through the same Yoni through which she gave birth to the man before. She initiates through the same breasts through which she nursed the man before. She initiates through the same mouth through which she sang lullabies to the man before.” In the first initiation, she coddled you and held full power over you, as you were under the thralls and mercy of Maya. But the Mother is also Death, demonstrated through the link between death and the Yoni in Bharani nakshatra. Like livestock, she has raised you and then will reconsume you into her body. If you die treating Maya as a mother, she *will* be your mother and birth you again, keeping you swirling in her dance. You have given her no pleasure, no return, you are still a helpless baby under illusion, still you are babbling incoherently, and so she will treat you as such. That’s why the Yoni must be visited again in a spiritual and sexual context: as a place to bring offerings, a force to truly satisfy completely, in order that she burns away your movement towards death and decay. Bhairavi, the word for a female tantrik adept, rules over this spiritual process which removes a person from the spiritual power of decay. She is the Goddess associated with Agnihotra, a “Solar charm” which preserves and creates the Sun each day at Sunrise and Sunset, similar to the Solar-practice of Liber Resh in Thelema. Everyone who has not orientated their consciousness and transferred it to their Solar "body of light" is still spiritually dead even if they are physically living. Truth has befuddled and escaped them. By viewing her as a mother continually, you tried to desexualize her, force her to give to and protect you, and save yourself from allowing your energy to drain out towards her. That is why the feminine being presented as the Mother is most common in exoteric practices (such as the archetype of Mary), where women tend to feel an unconscious sense of shame and demonization regarding the overflowing, natural power of their sexuality. Such an attitude towards women (the beginner stage in Tantra, a state of spiritual immaturity, literally taking on childlike qualities) is for those who cannot yet handle their sacred sexual life-force energy flow and so must forcefully desexualize women, removing women from her own inherent power center. In the name of holiness and piety, men referring to the feminine forever as “Mother” is actually selfishness and a denial of her instincts & sacred desires. Men of this kind do not know what force truly animates women in this world, who more often than not feel instinctual vitriol towards being forced into such a position by the very people who should be giving to, stabilizing, guiding, and nourishing her. Or, in the case of the path of the Black Brothers in occultism, they do know how much this disempowers women. They perpetuate this doctrine to an equivalent of “castration” for women, forcing her into the position where she’s drained and exploited (to increase his own longevity) instead of encouraging her to embrace her own power. This is the Klingsor of the Western Mystery tradition.

In the second initiation, you must apply power over her & prove your masculinity is distinct from the femininity of Maya. You must resist & escape from her re-absorptive process of birth, decay, and death, and thus individuate. You must “destroy” death and its cosmic link to the Yoni, as the phallus of Shiva the destroyer. In this interaction, she incites you to access the sacred fires of your passion, which burns through ignorance, and in this state she becomes that cremation ground burning away all of your impurities. Never must you see Maya as a mother again, overpowering her in every blissful way she has been waiting for. In that way, the feminine form is sacred in that it gives and nourishes physical life when functioning as a mother, and burns away ignorance and impurities when functioning as a consort (giving spiritual life). The curves of her body are multifunctional, relevant, delightful, and necessary to both the physically weakest creatures (the baby) and the strongest of our species (the man). When she is nourishing you, she is integrating you into Maya. When she is burning you in your own passions, she is the cremation ground burning your Lunar sheath while you are alive and functioning as a conduit for you to align with your Solar power. She initiated you into the fluctuating Lunar cycle of life and death, and now you must pull yourself and her into the Solar immortality. Through your mastery over her, you master your own Lunar qualities, your own impurities that keep you in her spinning, dizzying cycle, and instead she dances around you. You are no longer the Earth, the spiritual counterpart to the Moon nourished by the Mother & Father, but you are the Sun itself, sustaining, fertilizing, & fueling the feminine. Relaxing into bliss and releasing responsibility— pampered, gratified, and loved— Maya (and the women of the world who personify her) smiles as you call her “daughter”.

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