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The Nature of "Night"

An article from July 2017 on my Instagram: @Claire.Nakti

Night Blooming Jasmine 🌱 (next to me in this picture) is a beautiful plant that releases its fragrance at night, and which can be smelled over great distances. Flowers that bloom in the night are sacred to the Goddess of the night, Kala Ratri. There are many destructive aspects to the night because it is the time when Yin predominates, which is destabilizing in nature. Yin has an energy similar to a tornado, which is why the Fortune tarot card is symbolized by the whirling Wheel of Fortune. Night is the playground of witches, who seemingly move at random like the Wheel of Fortune, but in actuality are controlled by the force of Karma. Because they are the manifestation of the Yin force, they are only reacting to the the force that men imprint on the collective Yin field covering the whole earth, dealing out punishment and reward accordingly due to how a man conducts himself in regards to women, his sexuality, and his attitude towards yin both within him and outside of him. The night time is a time in which the Ahamka or ego within a person grows stronger, as there is less light and so more illusion and greater identification with the body. It is for this reason that at night people seek to indulge in sleep, pleasures of the body (sex), or in alcohol or tamasic foods (due to the awakening of their Rahu or yin energy within them). However, the night time is the only time we can enjoy sexual activity (sex in the day time is not recommended), and so it is also like the smell of the Night Blooming Jasmine, all-pervading and pleasurable in nature, embodying great danger (destabilization) as well as purity and sanctity.

The Goddess is all pleasure, and delights in sex, alcohol, and meat, which are her favorite ways of being worshipped. However, these can easily destroy those who do not understand, and who use these substances and activities as common people do. The Witch is a seemingly chaotic force, but the cosmic order, which is the Dharma, comes out of Chaos and is, in actuality, dealt out according to our actions, nothing is random. Many people entertain romantic notions about witches and openly admit to being one, but in truth, no real "witch" would ever admit to being a witch, as it is a wholly negative and anti-social role. This is why there is the stereotype that witches chant "double, double, toil and trouble" due to these female spirits of the air creating destabilization, discord and dealing out the Karmic verdicts of Saturn.

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